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Real Republicans, “Do Not Despair”

Op Ed by David Arredondo,
November 10, 2012

In the wake of the loss of the presidential election last Tuesday, the GOP may be down, but not out by any stretch of the imagination.

Many Republicans knew the results would be close and were hopeful of winning narrowly so it was a shock when all the battleground states went to President Obama.

David Arredondo

Our dismal economy the last four years, high unemployment rates of 8%+, rising health care costs, higher taxes, trillions added to the national debt, just to name a few concerns, should have been reason to consider a new chief executive. Add to this the fact that the President offered no solutions to any of these problems, no tax reform, no entitlement reform, and no job development. The Democratic platform merely called for higher taxes on those making more than $250,000 in order to solve the deficit and the debt, and more stimuli spending as a means of creating jobs. If you are happy with the last four years, you will sure to love the next four.

Pre-election polls showed Barrack Obama with 2-5 point leads in most of the swing states which he in fact won. Things did improve for Republican candidate Romney compared to Candidate McCain in 2008. Indiana and North Carolina went Republican this year and the president’s popular vote percentage of 53-46 looks more like 50-48% with 8 million fewer votes than in 2008. Take a look at the U.S. map of counties that went for Obama versus Romney and you will mostly see a red map with splotches of blue

The outcome of the election shows that nothing changed. Save for Democrats re-electing the President, picking up two seats in the Senate and the House which Republicans retained, the status quo will prevail at least for the next two years.

Flashback to 2004 when Democrats lost the presidency once again, as well as Congress going back to 1994. Predictions of the demise of the Democratic Party were short-lived as they rebounded to win Congress two years later and the presidency in 2008. A Republican Party devastated in 2006 and 2008 rebounded in 2010 to win 63 seats in Congress, four in the Senate, numerous governorships and statehouses coast to coast.

By picking up the governorship of North Carolina last Tuesday, there are now 31 Republican governors, governors who are leading the way in their states with conservative policies of balanced budgets, smaller government, lower taxes and spending, and job growth. They recognize the fact that our current system of government whether at the local, state, or federal level is UNSUSTAINABLE. We cannot continue to spend public monies and raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it.

Republicans cannot be a version of “Democratic-Lite” which Democrats and their brethren in the Mainstream Media, and even so-called Republicans, are advocating. Republicans need a stronger, more articulate message that appeals to all Americans, not just to special interest groups the way that Democrats pander to theirs. Currently America’s most critical issues are related to the economy and individual liberty; the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Our profound principles must be: 1. Adherence to the Constitution; 2. Respect for individual rights and liberties; 3. Smaller and more efficient government.

As for Hispanic voters, we have to reach out to them as we do to all other groups with an All-American message. Republicans have a better and more visible group of elected Latinos to lead this outreach beginning with Senator Marco Rubio, Governors Susana Martínez, Luis Fortuño, and Brian Sandoval. Add to this group Senator-elect Ted Cruz of Texas and you see that it is possible for a conservative Latino to find a leadership role in his/her state as well as the Republican Party. I challenge the Democratic Party to match this distinguished lineup.

Over the past 4 years President Obama and the Democrats in Congress failed to initiate and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform as promised in 2008. Over this same period of time record numbers of deportations took place. That 70% of Latino voters supported this president and his party is mind-boggling. Republicans now need to take the lead and introduce our version of immigration reform, reform that is first of all based on national security, assimilation, and “The Best and the Brightest.”

Already I look forward to 2014 when we have the chance to re-elect Ohio Governor John Kasich, all current state office holders, and an expanded House and Senate. Nationally, I expect to see gains in Congress and the Senate.

With a principled message that appeals to the majority of Americans, we can proceed forward for the good of our nation and our posterity.

Editor’s Note: David Arredondo is the Vice Chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party and lives in Lorain.
On the Internet: www.pewhispanic.org

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