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City Club: Marcy Kaptur urges solar, wind power for the North Coast;

Joe the Plumber a no-show

By Arooj Ashraf, La Prensa Correspondent  

Keeping true to tradition the City Club of Cleveland continues to host debates between candidates running for public office throughout the state, giving them and the citizens an opportunity to clarify positions and issues for an empowered electorate.

District 9, a newly charted territory that covers five counties starting with parts of Lucas County to parts of Cuyahoga Count—the new North Coast district—presents an interesting race between incumbent US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur—a Democrat—and Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, better known as ‘Joe the Plumber’ on the Republican ticket.

Both candidates were invited to debate at the City Club special forum on Oct. 11, 2012, but Wurzelbacher declined, allowing Ms. Kaptur to share her service in Congress to the magnitudes present at the City Club. As the longest serving women in US Congress, Ms. Kaptur said she may not be the flashiest candidate but she would outwork anyone else.

She looks forward to working with Democrats Betty Sutton and Marcia Fudge and said the first time in Ohio’s history the state is being represented by three women if in fact all three are re-elected by their respective voters, “I am sure this is not what they had in mind when drawing the redistricting lines but I can assure you Betty, Marcia, and I know how to work together.”

As a member of the Appropriations Committee she said her presence is critical because she is the only representative from the Midwest; this region often gets overlooked from many essential financing bills.  Using the eagle as an example of rebirth, Kaptur said Ohio too is rebounding and growing and with appropriate representation she wants to see the region invest in the ports and use the abundance of natural resources to improve the economy.

She commended the Urban Garden project saying all schools should have year round greenhouse gardens to provide not just fresh produce but educate children on growing techniques. Embracing the diversity of the region is an asset she said: “If you want to meet the world, come to Cleveland.”

Kaptur said investing in Wind Energy is a strategic plan for the region because the prime location can turn the Lake Erie coast into the Saudi Arabia of Wind. Ms. Kaptur said policies that encourage innovation need to be supported and new ideas and ways need to be encouraged so the U.S. coasts on the Great Lakes can thrive. She recalled touring Canada’s wind turbines and finding out about turbines that store energy in the base and not top allowing for easier consumption and was told these models are not allowed in the U.S. She said such policies are roadblocks to progress and needs to be addressed. She said foreign trade and tax laws need to be re-evaluated because, as they currently stand, U.S. companies are facing unfair barriers.

Ms. Kaptur also criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his position on letting the auto industry fail and said without Pres. Barack Obama’s support the Midwest regions would have had severe consequences for its citizens.

Ms. Kaptur served with Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on the Budgets Committee and pressed for information on his character she described Ryan as a man of ideology who has difficulty understanding views that are not in-line with his own. She said Ryan’s chairmanship of the committee created a bi-partisan gridlock that is not conducive for U.S. progress.

Kaptur congratulated City Club of Cleveland on their 100th year and said she was honored to have the opportunity to reappear at the podium which has welcomed presidents and dignitaries from around the world, “But alas not Joe the Plumber.”

Dick Kistemaker, retired UAW local 1005 member said Kaptur has proven herself with her service; “She is for the people,” he said. Kistemaker praised her hard work and said the new District 9 is in good hands but the long distance and travel is unfair to the Congresswoman. He said her opponent, Wurzelbacher, is not based on reality and his refusal to debate Kaptur indicates he does not want to embarrass himself.

Candidate Wurzelbacher was heavily criticized for his recent remarks while campaigning in Arizona (not Ohio) to ‘shoot Mexicans’ that tried to enter the United States without documentation.:

“I’m running for Congress. How many congressmen or people running for Congress have you heard, put a fence up and start shooting? None? Well you heard it here first. Put troops on the border and start shooting, I bet that solves our immigration problem real quick.”

Wurzelbacher rose to fame during the 2008 Presidential Campaign when he confronted then-candidate Barack Obama on his tax policies for small businesses. The questions remains, will he appear with Ms. Kaptur at the Oct. 17, 2012 Political Candidate Forum in Lorain hosted by the Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress (CHIP).

On the Internet:  http://wonkette.com/480892/joe-the-plumber-will-shoot-all-your-mexicans-for-you-arizona

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