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Community activists show support for retaining TPS Hispanic Outreach Coordinator


By Alan Abrams, La Prensa Senior Correspondent


Community activists are rapidly galvanizing support in an effort to convince the Toledo Public Schools (TPS) to retain the position of the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator. The alliance of committed activists plans on having several speakers address the March 22, 2011 TPS Board meeting and is busing concerned members of the Latino community to the public event.


The post of Hispanic Outreach Coordinator has been filled since 1992 by Mr. José Luna, a graduate of Bowling Green State University.


Mr. José Luna

As part of the effort by the TPS to balance their budget by cutting $37 million before July 31 -- the start of the new fiscal year -- various proposals are being floated including one to axe the position of the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator.


This has become an issue of great concern to community activists such as Margarita De León.


“The education of our children is the number one concern of the Latino community and has been for decades,” says De León.


 “We understand and are constantly reviewing opportunities to address the barriers that Latino families face within our school systems. Since the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator works with numerous Latino families in TPS, the Latino Alliance feels strongly that eliminating this position would be a disaster for the Latino community and would begin an exodus of Latino children and family to charter or Catholic schools systems.”


According to research prepared by De León, the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator helps to keep Latino kids at TPS. Currently, there are 2,198 Latino students who attend TPS schools. They represent about 2 percent of the student population and $1.4 million of the TPS budget.


De León maintains that it would be in the best interest of the TPS district to keep and grow the number of Latino students it has, not lose them.  This would make sense because one of the key strategies of the TPS transition plan is to focus on recruitment and retention.   U.S. Census data released this week show that the Latino population grew more than 30 percent in Lucas County and now represents 6.11 percent of the population, or 26,974 individuals.


Luna is widely respected in the community. Through his position, he helps Latino families feel welcome at TPS. And De León argues that the loss of this position would be the loss of long term relationships TPS has had with the Latino community.


She points out that currently there are only 42 Latino teachers including Luna’s outreach position within the TPS system. “The representation and visibility of Latinos in the school system has always been negligible. The loss of this position when the Latino community is growing would further erode the presence of Latinos within the system and the confidence of the Latino community.  Further, with expected budget cuts, the loss of Latino teachers is expected.”


La Prensa spoke with Luna who explained that one of the key arguments for not eliminating his position is simply the fact that his salary is not paid by the taxpayers of Toledo.


“TPS is talking about the elimination of my job resulting in a savings of $65,000, but I am not paid $65,000 or even $60,000 a year,” he explained.  “In addition, the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator position is funded partially by a Perkins Grant, which covers 60 percent and by ESL (English as a Second Language) funds for the remaining 40 percent.”


The Perkins Grant focuses upon career services, which have been the primary focus of Luna’s work for the past 18 years.  In addition, the Perkins Grant has a section which supports work on behalf of underrepresented students.  In his recent statements on education, President Barack Obama has strongly supported the careers and announced his plans to extend and enhance the Perkins Grant funding.

The Hispanic Outreach Coordinator acts as the TPS district’s main translator. Compared to the 2008-2009 school year, in 2010-2011 the amount of translation services needed from the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator increased by 179 percent, and this percentage is still rising as this school year continues.


 De León’s impressive research clearly establishes that the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator is a critical link between TPS and the Latino community.  All Latino students come in contact with this director’s office for a number of reasons including:


• The position of Coordinator serves the entire school system and is constantly on call to address internal issues.


 • Any calls coming into TPS where families speak predominantly Spanish are directed to the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator’s office.

Margarita De León


• Any Spanish-speaking parent who needs to call in because their child is sick is referred to the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator office.


• Any discipline and absentee issues regarding Latino students normally require involvement from the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator.


De León stresses that the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator position is responsible for career services and has been involved in numerous career events including the Latino Youth Summit where a range of 600-900 students from the region convene annually for college and career advice.  “The coordinator’s involvement has been critical to the creation and success of this event,” she adds.


 Other career activities include Career Day at TPS; trips to General Motors in Michigan; School of Construction visitation; TTA visitation; recruitment for the Early College Program; Latino financial aid day; and other projects.


Looking at the worst case scenario, De León predicts that if the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator position is eliminated, Latino families will be encouraged and provided assistance to attend more Latino-friendly schools outside of the TPS district


Should that occur, TPS will lose a majority of the $1.4 million funds provided by the enrollment of its Latino families.


In addition, she predicts that Spanish-speaking families within TPS will not be offered the services they need and deserve and both the graduation rate for Latino students and the college enrollment rate for Latino students from TPS will decrease.


Patty Mazur, Communications Director for TPS, confirmed that the elimination of the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator position is “part of an overall list put together as a part of staff negotiations.  It is a part of contract negotiations,” she said, adding that any vote on the budget would probably not occur before June.


“Budget cuts are tough to make,” she added, saying it was still too early into the process to speculate.


But that will not keep De León and other community activists from having their say on March 22, when the TPS Board meets at 5:30PM on Manhattan Blvd.


“We will have a strong presence there,” promised De León.


Editors Note: The TPS Board meeting begins at 5:30 pm. For information about transportation to the meeting, call De León at (419) 340-9410 or (419) 536-9133.


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Monday, November 07, 2011

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Friday, November 04, 2011

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Friday, November 04, 2011

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

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Friday, October 14, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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