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Parents Lideres need to take responsibility for Childrens Education
By Rmon Prez, Toledo, Ohio     


The state of education for our Latino youth both nationally and locally has once again reared its ugly head. The national statistics are essentially the same year after year give or take a few hundred thousand. No joke!


Latino youth in Toledo have done a magnificent job in seeking solutions for the high dropout rate. I say, Let the children play! One of the questions I kept asking myself while reading Student Lideres reach out to Latino youth in The Blade recently, is why arent the parents leading this effort?


I have spoken to many Latino parents about why we have such a high dropout rate in Toledo and across the nation. Generally speaking, most parents identified the lack of a strong family foundation whether they are married, divorced, single, or so forth.


This is not to say many parents arent doing their duty but for all those parents with Head-start ready or kids in schools who have dropped out, nearing dropping out, or who lack parent involvement in their life have to get it together. They must make the sacrifices just like most of us who are reading this article have done and we also have to stop making excuses for those parents who stop trying. We have enabled them far too long.


I have heard from too many parents whose kids are messing up at home, school and getting into trouble with the law blame just about everyone else for their troubles but rarely take responsibility for their own shortfalls.


I also want to take this opportunity to call out all the fathers who have deserted their sons and daughters. I cant tell you how many times I have heard men fathers, hombres, vatos, blame their ex-wives, girlfriend, lack of job, for not taking responsibility to help raise their own flesh and blood.


I have heard just about all the excuses but I have not heard one good reason so far. It is unacceptable and our comunidad de hombres need to do a better job in holding fathers accountable.


There are too many opportunities and support networks, like Adelante, for Latino parentsrich or poorto ever say I didnt know, or pit one parent against the other, I work too much, Im hooked on drugs, and the list can go on for the rest of the year but to let another one of our kids drop out of school and society is inexcusable. We need Padres en Accin!


Latino parents whose children are in the pathway to dropping out of school should be ashamed of themselves to make Latino youth feel they need to solve the dropout problem. Once again, I applaud the students Lideres for trying to take the role of parents but that is our responsibility. Like the Lideres said, they lack support and role models. That means parents!

Mentors should never become surrogate parents to youth which most usually become. I would rather be a mentor to another parent, thats how you start to break the cycle of poverty. Padres en Accin!


Next article will give free consultant information on growing ourselves out of poverty, one school year at a time.




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