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Winter Ball Film Festival winners announced by Toledo Museum of Art

Nine short films were premiered Dec. 18, 2010 at the Toledo Museum of Art Winter Ball as winners in the Museums first Winter Ball Film Festival.

The juried competition, created to spotlight the short video art form, was open to both amateur and professional filmmakers.  Each winter-themed video is less than four minutes in length.

The Winter Ball Film Festival is an opportunity for the Museum to engage with contemporary artists in an exciting new way, notes Museum Director Brian P. Kennedy.  Those who attend the Winter Ball or the public screening the following day, will be able to engage with the artists who created these amazing short films."

The winning entries included:  Szerokość by Haik Avanian of Brooklyn, N.Y.;  Mid Night Orchestra by Daniel Contreras III of Toledo; Il y avait un anne aujourdhui Cozumel by Nathan Elias of Toledo; Winter and Snowflake, both by Collin Mapp of Bowling Green; Anticipation by Kim Sanchez of Gahanna;  Maggie and The Winter Ball by Carrie Theuring of Toledo; invierno by Matthew Walz of Toledo, and SADness by Daniel Williams of Perrysburg.

Entrants had the options of using animation, motion graphics, narration, non-narrative, time-based still image and other production techniques. 

 Like short stories, some of the videos are funny and charming, while others are somber. Anticipation, perhaps the shortest film in the Festival, captures the anticipation of a child getting ready to go outside, while Mid Night Orchestra is digital animation set to music.

The judges looked for originality, technical skill and how well the filmmakers developed a cohesive story, according to Mary Wolfe of Perrysburg, chair of the panel of judges. I was very impressed by the variety of entries and how clever they are. It was a lot of fun to judge.

Others judges included Amy Gilman, associate curator of contemporary and modern art and assistant director of exhibitions at TMA;  Margy Trumbull, a local arts advocate; Tammy Kinsey, an associate professor of film at the University of Toledo, and Cynthia Baron, an associate professor of film at Bowling Green State University.

Each winning filmmaker received an invitation to be a special guest at the Winter Ball. The black-tie gala, presented by Libbey, Inc., is being held to raise support for the Museums many community ArtReach programs.  The gala also is supported in part by Healthcare REIT, Brooks Insurance, Medical Mutual of Ohio, BP-Husky Refining LLC and other corporate sponsors.

The films also can be viewed on the Museums website at www.toledomuseum.org



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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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