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Jeb Bush, Too?

Former FL Governor Should Know History of Republican Obstructionism on Immigration 

Op Ed by Frank Sharry of Americas Voice

Washington, DC: Today, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said that the Democrats are playing politics with the immigration issue, promising things that theyre never going to deliver, knowing theyre not going to deliverapparently referencing the upcoming DREAM Act debate in Congress.

Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of Americas Voice:

Let me get this straight.  The Republican Party runs on a nationwide anti-immigrant platform in 2006; Republican Senators abandon their President in his quest for comprehensive immigration reform in 2007; Republican presidential nominee John McCain opposes his own immigration bill in 2008; and Republican senators walk away from the negotiating table on comprehensive immigration reform in 2010, and its the Democrats who are playing politics with the issue?

Its the height of hubris for Governor Bush to ignore the lead role the Republican Party has played in blocking real, comprehensive immigration reform.  A majority of Democrats in the House and Senate support it; the problem is with the GOP.  Now, Republicans have a chance to show that they are willing to stand up to the anti-immigrant bullies in the party when something real is on the line, and help Democrats pass the DREAM Act.  Governor Bush says hes sympathetic to the students who would benefit from DREAM.  Were waiting to see whether that sympathy he and others have expressed will turn into real votes when the DREAM Act comes before the House and Senate.

The Republican Party will have a real problem in 2012 if it continues to be seen as an anti-immigrant, anti-Latino party.  Latino voters are following this issue closely, and they know that Republicans have stood in the way of real immigration reform for years.  The only way the GOP can change its brand with Latinos is to do the hard work to forge a new one.  That starts with voting for young people who simply want a chance to be full Americans by helping pass the DREAM Act.

On the Internet: www.americasvoiceonline.org


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