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See-saw LC Commissioner’s race still awaits final resolution


OP-ED By Alan Abrams, La Prensa Senior Correspondent


 At press time, the final election tally in the hotly contested and presumably historically unprecedented race for Lucas County Commissioner to succeed retiring Ben Konop had not been announced.

Carol Contrada


Carol Contrada, the Democratic candidate, was declared the winner last week with a razor-thin majority of 191 votes following a count of previously untallied provisional ballots. That see-saw decision reversed the original announced victory given to her Republican opponent, George Sarantou, within hours after the polls closed on Election Day. By that unofficial count on Nov. 2, 2010, Sarantou had won by a margin of 1,376 votes.


However, Sarantou has since raised several valid questions about the handling by the Lucas County Board of Elections of the now 4,145 provisional ballots which have almost doubled in number since they were first cited as part of the election tally.


Almost as if by divine providence, more and more hitherto unknown provisional ballots emerged from various places within the Board of Elections over a period of days.  All had been removed from their envelopes and the envelopes had been destroyed, leaving no clear means for voter identification or authentication,


 In addition, an automatic recount is underway beginning Nov. 30. It is expected that it will take several days to complete.


The vote count now stands at 69,765 for Mrs. Contrada and 69,574 for Mr. Sarantou.


But concerns have been raised about the provisional ballots having been 69 percent in favor of Contrada as opposed to the 49.5 percent of votes she won in regular balloting announced Nov. 2.


Both candidates are extremely high-principled public servants with impressive accomplishments on their résumés. Indeed, it is a rarity to find two class acts such as Sarantou and Contrada competing for the same elected office. Sarantou has consistently received high acclaim across party lines for his service on Toledo City Council and Contrada is the current chairman of the Sylvania Township Board of Trustees. Either candidate would bring a welcome and much-needed presence to the Lucas County Board of Commissioners.


La Prensa undertook the assignment of an interview with Contrada as she was declared the apparent victor early last week pending the recount on Nov. 30 at the Early Voting Center at 1302 Washington Street, Toledo.


We spoke with her several hours before Sarantou raised his concerns based upon the commonly-held perception he says was shared with him that it would be “statistically impossible for the vote count to be changed as a result of the provisional ballots.”


As Sarantou told La Prensa, “If the provisional votes are upheld, this would truly have been a historic election. I can find no precedent in the State of Ohio for an election outcome to have been changed by provisional ballots.”


The Lucas County Board of Elections has been a hot-bed of incompetence if not outright dishonesty for a good part of this decade. Then-Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell was quoted as saying he had “grave concerns” over the ability of the board to function in a proper manner, and events sadly underscored his fears.


Historically, the disgraced officials of the Lucas County Board of Elections could easily fill a Wall of Shame. At least three former Election Directors could qualify for Professor Emeritus standing in the Mayor Richard Daley School of Election Vote Counting.


Director Antoinette Szuch was forced into retirement in 2002. She was followed by Joe Kidd who was also shown the way to the egress. But the biggest scandal involved Elections Director Paula Hicks-Hudson who resigned pending an investigation into discrepancies with the official ballot count in 2004. Four members of the board were also disciplined.


But aren’t provisional ballots that multiply like rabbits worthy of further investigation?


According to Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook on Nov. 23, county GOP officials filed several Freedom of Information Act requests with the Lucas County Board of Elections to determine:


  • Voter registration information on the number of registered voters for each precinct;

  • Information on policy & procedures for determining eligibility of provisional ballots;

  • A breakdown of the number of machine, absentee, and provisional voters in each precinct; and

  • A copy of the minutes from the board's meeting for determining eligibility of provisional voters.


“The bottom line is we need to determine if the Lucas County Board of Elections had in place proper criteria for handling provisional ballots, and to further determine if a policy on handling provisional ballots even existed,” said Stainbrook in a press release. “We need to make sure that due diligence was used in processing provisional ballots, and that the same standard was applied to each Lucas County voter.”


Interview of Carol Contrada


We have decided to let the interview with Contrada stand as conducted because it focuses solely and positively upon her goals if she is indeed confirmed as the winner. We are certain she had no knowledge of – nor would she have given any blessing to – such blatant skullduggery in tampering with ballots and the electoral process.


Thus, with all due apologies to Will Shakespeare, and a nod to the vagaries of early press deadlines, the head that at least temporarily wears the crown is far from uneasy.


“I was surprised and delighted both and very, very pleased,” said Contrada about hearing the news of her victory, and added “I stand ready to serve all the people of Lucas County.”


La Prensa spoke with Contrada from Bennington, Vermont where she and her husband and law partner, Toledo attorney Charles V. Contrada, were spending Thanksgiving with their family.


Confident about being declared the ultimate victor, she spoke freely about her plans and agendas as Lucas County Commissioner.


“I am passionate about regional job growth and regionalism,” said Contrada, a strong advocate of an economic development strategy to re-pivot Lucas County as a viable competitor in global markets.


However, she is enough of a realist to recognize that this will require “careful planning and implementation focusing upon sustainable plans including alternative energy plans and retraining to fully use our regional assets.


“These assets include our trained and skilled workforce and our access to 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, and a transportation hub for a developing market,” said Contrada.


She has already played a key role in job creation as First Vice Chairman of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG) where she also serves on both the Leadership Development and General Assembly Committees. She is a past chairman of the TMACOG Commuter Services Council and a former member of the TMACOG Transportation Council.


A convinced regionalist, Contrada says she is “very committed in that arena.” She firmly believes that all of the leaders will come together to develop and implement a comprehensive and long-term economic development policy.


She sees such a policy as necessarily being “cross jurisdictional,” putting Lucas County together with Southeast Michigan to include both Michigan and Ohio in a Joint Economic Development District and not restricted to just the Lucas-Wood County borders and local jurisdictions.


“I believe the creation of a Joint Economic Development Zone which would include revenue sharing is long overdue. And I think that my strength in this aspect is that I bring a different perspective to the table,” said Contrada.


Indeed, one of her strong suits, as evidenced by her service on the Sylvania Township Board of Trustees, is her highly-acclaimed work on budgets. Contrada believes it is the ultimate responsibility of elected officials to study budget items line-by-line and to create long-term forecasts “recognizing where the political pitfalls are…especially at a time when Lucas County is looking at reduced revenue streams.”  


Contrada’s roots run deep in the community. She was born in Toledo and graduated from Sylvania High School in 1969, where she was Valedictorian and year book editor.


She graduated from Denison University in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude. Contrada earned her law degree at the University of Toledo College of Law in 1978 where she finished among the Top Ten of her class.  She is a lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi, the academic honor society. She and her husband opened their law partnership in 1990.


Contrada and her husband have been married for 33 years. They have two children, David, 29, and Katie, 27.



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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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