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Senate losing a true champion of Latin America with retirement of Senator Dodd


By Alan Abrams, La Prensa Senior Correspondent


US Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) has been one of the leading advocates in Congress for normalization of diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba.  However, his departure from the Senate at the end of the current lame duck session will remove from Capitol Hill the much-needed voice of a major champion of Latin America.


 Dodd, who is relinquishing his powerful position as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Global Narcotics Affairs, delivered an impassioned message to students on November 9, 2010 about the future of U.S. policy towards Latin America.

Chris Dodd


Speaking at Central Connecticut State University in Hartford, Dodd called for a fundamental shift in the United States Latin American policy to reflect the regions changing economy and evolving democracy.


Over the course of my service in the Senate, Ive tried to play a role in shaping American policy towards our neighbors to the south, said Dodd.  The history of our relationship has too often been fraught with tension and mistrust, paternalism and exploitation.  And although weve made progress, as I leave the Senate, it is long past time for a fundamental shift in our Latin America policy. 


[Thats] because Latin America is not our backyard.  It is our neighborhood.  And when we focus exclusively on the challenges still faced by our neighbors and the related dangers we, ourselves, face we run the risk of missing out on the opportunities their progress has created, explained Dodd.


The son of Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, who represented Connecticut from 1959 to 1971, Chris Dodd served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1975 to 1981. He was elected to the Senate in 1980 and was Connecticuts longest-serving U.S. Senator. His successor, elected earlier this month, is fellow Democrat Richard Blumenthal.


Dodds interest in Latin America was fostered during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 1966 to 1968. For 25 years, he served as either Chairman or Vice Chairman of the U.S.Mexico Interparliamentary Group, which brings together Mexican and US-American legislators on an annual basis to address matters critical to the U.S.Mexico relationship.


Dodd critic of 5-decade US embargo on Cuba


Dodd led the Senate Central America Negotiations Group during the 1980s, which monitored the progress of the breakthrough Guatemala City accord. He also has been a longstanding critic of the United States embargo against Cuba and recently was an original co-sponsor of the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, which would lift travel restrictions on all US-Americans wishing to travel to Cuba.


As Dodd told his audience,  I returned from Cuba a few weeks ago, stunned to see that the country is finally making some of the critical changes in its own society that all of us, including the Cuban people, have wanted for so long.   The Cuban Government recently announced that one-million Cubans have been let go from the Government payrolls and instead will be allowed to run their own businesses.  With the help of Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino and the Spanish Government, political prisoners are being released.


No, you dont have to approve of the way Cuba is run and I certainly dont.  Cuba clearly still has a long way to go to, and nobody is arguing to the contrary.  But the simple truth is that Cuba is changing.


So the question I have to ask is, why arent we? asked Dodd.


Dodd had even more insightful questions to pose about the thorny US relationship with Cuba.


Why dont we, Americans, have the courage to change 50 years of failed policy toward the island?  Why are we stuck in an anachronistic policy that reflects the world of 1963 better than 2010?  Why are we sitting on the sidelines when the very first signs of the change we all so desperately want, are finally beginning to happen?  Why are we not taking critical steps that are in Americas interest?


We must summon the courage and the wisdom to change course on Cuba.


We must look forward, Dodd exhorted his audience.


US relationship with Venezuela


He had even more thoughts to share about the challenging US relationship with Venezuela, stating, There is real cause for concern, we cannot bury our heads in the sand.  We must address this challenge in a smart and sophisticated way.


Earlier this year, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights released a report that raised serious concerns regarding the further degradation of human rights in Venezuela.  The situation is unacceptable.  But this is not a case of the United States vs. Venezuela, but rather Venezuela vs. Democracy.  Simply refusing to talk to Caracas wont do a thing to empower moderates and democratic advocates, loosen political restrictions, or encourage the Venezuelan people and its neighbors to push for change, stressed Dodd.


In his remarks, which have been edited for brevity by La Prensa, Dodd told the audience Ive been a Senator for a long time but Ive been passionate about Latin America for an even longer timeand, in that time, Latin America has undergone remarkable change much of it positive.


In a part of the world long defined by violent political instability and crushing poverty, we are seeing the development of a new middle class, the consolidation of democracy, the propagation of effective fiscal and social policies, and the rise of new global powers, said Dodd.


Bloody civil unrest, authoritarian repression, widespread drug trafficking and violent organized crime all these factors have held Latin America back.


But the Latin America I finished visiting recently, in my last visit as a Senator, looks very different, Dodd said.


First and foremost, democracy is becoming more widespread and more durable.  In Colombia and Chile, citizens recently exercised their right to vote in successful, peaceful, fair elections.  In Brazil, where President Lula da Silva has led so well, they have just elected their first female president [Dilma Rousseff], sending a strong message to a generation of Latin American women that they too are part of the regions future.  President Pepe Lobo [Porfirio Lobo Sosa] of Honduras is helping to renew his country after their recent, outrageous coup, explained Dodd.


Meanwhile, the Latin American economy, long defined as emerging, has finally emerged.  In the five years leading up to the 2008 global financial crisis, Latin American economies experienced growth rates of 5.5 percent, while keeping inflation in single digits.  And when the crisis did hit, Latin America stood strong, weathering the crisis better than any other region in the world.  This year, the Latin American economy will resume a strong 5-percent-or-higher growth rate.


And while income inequality is still a significant issue, years of stable democracy, economic reform, well-regulated banking systems, increased trade and investment, and fiscal responsibility have paid off.  Forty million Latin Americans were lifted out of poverty between 2002 and 2008.  The region is developing a middle class that can stand on its own, said Dodd.


However, Dodd acknowledged much work remains to be done.  Mexico and Colombia still struggle with crime and drug trafficking.  Venezuela and Cuba remain examples of democracy denied.  Haitis desperate poverty is heart wrenching.  Out of the spotlight, there are still developmental challenges: productivity is growing too slowly, saving is too low, and too much of the labor force remains in the informal economy.  And even where the challenges can be more easily classified as simple growing pains, the tumultuous history of Latin America warns us that gains can be fragile.


But that old metaphor Latin America as the United States backyard  is indicative of the American habit of viewing the region solely in terms of problems to be solved, not opportunities to be celebrated.  In turn, our neighbors too often see us as paternalistic and bossy instead of recognizing our commonality.


What a shame, said Dodd, adding because there is so much opportunity to be found in Latin America.


After all, we [the United States] are Number Two in the world in [terms of] Spanish speakers.  Our enormous and influential Latin community has brought cultural and familiar ties to the forefront along with our geographical proximity.  And not only do we share a common colonial history, theres reason to believe that our paths forward may converge, as well.


We want new markets for our exports.  Latin Americas growing industrial economy and newly-empowered middle class represent just that.


We want to see democratic values prosper around the world.  Latin America can be an important foothold for freedom.


 We want a world in which regional and global powers adhere to principles of democracy and capitalism.  Latin Americas most powerful country, Brazil, can be an effective regional and global force on these issues, leading by example and demonstrating that economic growth and political freedom can rise together.  Brazil is a natural ally and partner of the United States, because like us, it is a large and diverse democracy, with a dynamic economy.  Partnering with Brazil will not mean convincing its leaders to do what is in our interests alone; instead, it will mean working collectively towards a common agenda that will benefit Brazilians and Americans alike, said Dodd.


Thats why Ive urged our government to continue its policy of encouraging the social and economic development that has brought Latin America so far along Meanwhile, to strengthen our economic ties, I urge Congress to pass the Colombia and Panama free trade agreements, and I hope the President will continue to seek further opportunities to bolster our trade relationship and create mutually beneficially economic partnerships, added Dodd.


Just as, for too long, America has thought of Latin America as our backyard instead of our neighborhood, too many Americans even those with a strong interest in foreign policy see this particular region as minor, compared to Europe or Asia or the Middle East.


Its time to start majoring in Latin America, said Dodd.


Students who want to pick up another language are increasingly turning to French or Chinese I encourage you to learn Spanish.  Traveling abroad?  Lots of Americans spend a semester in London or Germany why not spend yours in Quito or Santiago?  In the market for a good foreign investment?  Look to Brazil.  A fan of Al Jazeera or the Guardian?  Why not read Argentinas Clarin, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the world?


The strength of our ties with Latin American comes not from political calculation or economic self-interest, but from the familial and cultural influence of the region on our own communities.  And it is in our communities that we can begin to shift the paradigm of our relationship with our neighbors.


I feel strongly that we are just at the beginning of a new era in this special relationship.  The future truly is bright in our neighborhood, said Dodd.



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Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Monday, December 05, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

July 5, the famous Greek supermodel hole Sorenstam Valentina (Konstantina Tzagaraki) wearing ugg snow boots photographs by the international fashion trend portal lookbook page recommendation. <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net"><b>uggs for sale</b></a> Received a 1381 day of praise, and also works Replies rave reviews below, the per capita national fashion trend of creative works praise me. This, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-8-cheap-ugg-sheepskin-cuff-boots-1875-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg sheepskin cuff boots</b></a> ugg snow boots snow boots a classic anti-fashion logic, in the summer have also been the pursuit. Home in the lookbook called "These boots were made for Lookbooking!" Photo, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-8-cheap-ugg-sheepskin-cuff-boots-1875-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg sheepskin cuff outlet</b></a> is now living in the Rome, Italy, and often landing in Milan Fashion Week T hole Sorenstam Valentina lift in his amazing painting sigh issued when ! Street beat the influx of people as foreign websites lookbook, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-8-cheap-ugg-sheepskin-cuff-boots-1875-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg sheepskin cuff boots for women</b></a> gathered numerous international fashion icon. Web site founded just a year and a half, it brings together more than 60,000 people to join the international trend. Now, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-8-cheap-ugg-sheepskin-cuff-boots-1875-for-women-clearance.html"><b>uggs sheepskin cuff clearance</b></a> lookbook fashion from a direct challenge to the control of LVMH, is indisputable SHRN (So Hot Right Now hot nowadays). Ugg snow boots and international fashion brands and the influx of people to share SHRN fashion, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-8-cheap-ugg-sheepskin-cuff-boots-1875-for-women-clearance.html"><b>uggs sheepskin cuff</b></a> triggering a wave after wave of hot. This is from a height of fashion, from Australia to witness the local fashion ugg snow boots brand position. <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-2-cheap-ugg-Classic-Tall-boots-5815-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Classic Tall boots for women</b></a> ugg founded in the 1970s, followed in Australia to become the most popular local brand snow boots, and later became popular with European and American fashion model, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.net/Discount-2-cheap-ugg-Classic-Tall-boots-5815-for-women-clearance.html"><b>cheap uggs Classic Tall</b></a> throughout the United States, Germany, Canada, Singapore and so on more than 30 countries, the European and American star and the most sought after fashion snow boots internationally renowned brands, is now being praised by the international influx of people.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

UGG Australia snow boots, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org"><b>cheap ugg boots</b></a> winter 2011 heavy-bottomed wedge series, the series combines the advantages are fashionable and comfortable, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-41-ugg-boots-1873-bailey-button-triplet-Dark-gray-for-women.html"><b>ugg boots 1873 dark gray discount</b></a> upper series of the classic use of suede leather and soft Italian full grain leather manufacturing, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-43-ugg-boots-1873-bailey-button-triplet-Chocolate-for-women.html"><b>ugg 1873 boots cocoa</b></a> highlights the unparalleled comfort feel. UGG snow boots and a good introduction and warm setting up with long-barreled snow boots, put on the legs were thin and beautiful, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-43-ugg-boots-1873-bailey-button-triplet-Chocolate-for-women.html"><b>ugg 1873 boots chestnut</b></a> not only grace but also to the temperature you must remember to consider this UGG boots ha. Out to the streets of Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) are Hentian high travel, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-43-ugg-boots-1873-bailey-button-triplet-Chocolate-for-women.html"><b>ugg 1873 boots sale</b></a> but to see her work look like, sitting on the edge of tuning models catwalk rehearsals, a pair of high boots UGG people Grey exclaimed. Work, she wore simple gray cardigan with jeans, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-43-ugg-boots-1873-bailey-button-triplet-Chocolate-for-women.html"><b>ugg 1873 boots candy</b></a> work in the most beautiful woman. The upcoming winter 2011, 2010, in the past winter, the Arctic snow angel boots to accompany consumers to spend, quality, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-42-ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-1873-chestnut-for-women.html"><b>ugg boots bailey button triplet chestnut sale</b></a> cost-effective to consumers in the cold winter sent a warm, snow boots wholesale market today quite a mixed bag, snow boots endless variety of styles, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-42-ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-1873-chestnut-for-women.html"><b>bailey button triplet chestnut ugg boots clearance</b></a> great black heart of the manufacturers, simply money, regardless of quality, cutting corners on materials in the soles, rubber foam material has not been completely easy to produce some harmful gas, <a href="http://www.uggsbootssale.org/Cheap-42-ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-1873-chestnut-for-women.html"><b>uggs chestnut bailey button triplet boots</b></a> and in wear and other performance dropped significantly, a pair of shoes may not last the winter, appeared off the plastic, off the bottom so the phenomenon.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

so the cotton-padded shoes instantly pull the wind can make you surrender, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com"><b>uggs 2011</b></a> there are girls in high boots tassels to decorate your favorite, and quickly put on to feel the wind between the total walking Dance of the charm of it. 1 trick: <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>cheap ugg Roxy Tall</b></a> a very important move that smell it. Genuine pure wool, straight hair and curly-haired, smooth skin feel good, very soft and comfortable, with the sheepskin surface, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Roxy Tall boots for women</b></a> the surface looked a bit plush feeling, then swept to the side, have different hair feeling, and then grasping point wool burned down, if not the kind of smell like burning hair, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Roxy Tall outlet</b></a> it is certainly false wool. 2 strokes: a move is also very important, all the code number on the security lines are embedded in the inside, with the detectors of ultraviolet light can be according to the out, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Roxy Tall boots</b></a> not as if the yuan according to which, as a line embedded , that is false. (The shop selling fake UGG many dispensers do not know Oh, do not believe you ask to see) 3 strokes: <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg boots 5818 clearance</b></a> the official website of UGG check with the store's shoe photo comparison, sections of the shoes above detailed description. 4 strokes: the price point, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-3-cheap-ugg-Roxy-Tall-boots-5818-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Roxy Tall</b></a> good pure wool is very expensive, so if a pair of wool to use more than four feet, closed shoes materials add up to more than three blocks, if less than this price, <a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-4-cheap-ugg-Classic-Cardy-boots-5819-for-women-clearance.html"><b>cheap ugg 5819 clearance</b></a> I think is impossible to come by. 5 strokes: UGG shoes to see whether the store's diverse, if style and more, then it is impossible to copy so much,<a href="http://www.ugg-clearances.com/Discount-4-cheap-ugg-Classic-Cardy-boots-5819-for-women-clearance.html"><b>ugg Classic Cardy clearance</b></a> think about a pair of shoes made of imitation of how high the cost, but do not fake the kind of sales bad shoes.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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