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TARTA provides free rides to and from polls on Nov. 2 

Voters residing within the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authoritys service area will be provided free rides to and from the polls on General Election Day, Nov. 2, 2010.

TARTA has been providing free rides to and from the polls on both Primary and General Election days for several years, said James K. Gee, TARTAs General Manager. TARTA firmly believes anything it can do to help improve voter turnout and get people to the polls is a positive service to our community.

This free day is applicable across TARTAs complete spectrum of services, including fixed line, Call-A-Ride and TARPS, the Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service for the disabled.

Gee explained, the process is simple. On Nov. 2, from the first bus runs at 5:30 a.m. to the last bus runs at 11 p.m., all rides on TARTA will be free of charge.

TARTAs fixed-line service will follow normal routes.  Riders are encouraged to determine in advance which route will get them to, or close to, their polling place.  For help, call 419-243-RIDE (7433) in advance.  TARTA riders should have their starting address and the address of their polling place available when they call.

Suburban riders who use TARTAs Call-A-Ride service also can call 419-243-RIDE (7433) to make arrangements to get to and from their suburban polling places.  Suburban riders also are urged to have polling place addresses available and call to schedule a pickup time in advance.  

Physically challenged riders who use TARPS should follow their normal procedure and can call TARPS up to 5 p.m. on Monday, November 1, to schedule rides to and from the polls on November 2. 

TARTA can be contacted by calling 419-243-RIDE (7433) or visiting its Web site, www.tarta.com. Also, follow TARTA at twitter.com/TARTA_Toledo.



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