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Adelante and Hollingworth partner to bridge education gap
By Andreanna Rivera-Prez

This year, Adelante, Inc. has joined forces with L. Hollingworth School to provide a unique after-school program for students in East Toledo. 

Adelante Latino Resource Center offers a bilingual year-round, after-school academic program created for local Latino youth and other minorities. Called the Los Nios Program, this initiative seeks to enhance students academic performance.

Local, state, and national data indicate that Latino and other minority youth are at risk for academic failure, alcohol and other drug use, gang activity, and abuse. Consequently, these students experience less economic opportunity, poor health and are most likely to live below the standard of quality of life as an adult. 

Adelante will provide free academic tutoring, mentoring, prevention education, community service opportunities, and cultural activities to the students of Hollingworth in grades K-6th.

Adelante is also launching the Active Parent Program this fall in collaboration with Perrysburg Heights Community Center to provide trained and skilled Parent Coordinators to work with the Hollingworth staff to promote increased parental involvement in the school. To enroll in either program, contact Adelante at 419-244-8440.

Founded in 1994, Adelantes mission is to serve and empower Latino individuals and families in Northwest Ohio through education, prevention, health, and other social services.

L. Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (LHSTG) is designed to support academic acceleration by providing personalized support, authentic assessment, and school-wide differentiated, learning activities. The school believes that every child who demonstrates the capability for high achievement in intellectual areas, specific academic fields, areas of creativity, art, or leadership and who needs services and activities not satisfactorily provided by their school district, deserves an opportunity to learn in this type of educational environment where students will be given the opportunity to fully develop their capabilities and unique gifts.


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