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Latino students at Tri-C receive $51,000 in scholarships
By Arooj Ashraf, La Prensa Correspondent

The Hispanic Endowment Scholarship Fund awarded 102 students at Cuyahoga Community College with $500 scholarships. Recipients attended an award luncheon at Tri-C metro campus on Aug. 11, 2010 and met with representatives from sponsoring organizations.

Diana Del Rosario, Dean of Student Affairs at Tri-C West, said the generous support from corporate and private donors enabled the Hispanic Endowment to nearly double the number of awards from only 55 last year. The Hispanic council contacted nearly 1000 eligible students and received 288 applications. To be eligible, students must be of Latino origin, demonstrate need, and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Seventy-six of the recipients this year are women and 26 men.  

Many are first in their family to college, some have children our purpose here is simple, we are here to celebrate your success and help you finish your degree, said Del Rosario.

Tri-C President, Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D., said students should look at the college as an optimum place to launch their educational and career aspirations. Dont stop here, go as far as you can and do as much as you can, she said, encouraging students to return and support the college in helping future generations.

Sophomore Phil Rodrguez is already heeding Thorntons advice. Majoring in Business Administration, Rodrguez plans to transferring to Kent State University to complete his Bachelors. He wants to own and operate a tattoo parlor and said his business degree is a solid back-up plan. Coming to Tri-C was an easy choice, I am taking the same courses but they are saving me a lot of money, he said. His father, Jos Rodrguez, is proud of his sons commitment to education. An Alumni of Tri-C, Jos Rodrguez said the College opens doors that many students may not be currently aware of, such as trade certificates that enable job seekers to be marketable anywhere.

Thornton added: diversity is crucial for a dynamic campus and diverse student body facilities opportunities. We are so grateful for the influx of talent which will only make us better, she said.

Guido Bucheli arrived to the United States in 2005 so his young daughter could receive life-saving treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. His daughters medical ordeal inspired him to pursue a nursing degree at Tri-C. Bucheli said as a nurse he wants to assure no parent feels the helplessness he felt in Ecuador where the doctors did not have the necessary equipment to treat his daughter terminal brain injury. I was told to go home and basically wait for her to die. 

He said the scholarship enables him to offset cost of living in the U.S. on a student visa which prevents him from working to support his family.

Gloria Moosmann, Vice President of Development of Cuyahoga Community College Foundation, said the $51,000 awarded offsets the financial burden for students but the need is much greater. She said that in its first year the Fund was only able to award 4 scholarships, and has grown through commitment of corporations like Key Bank Crop., AT&T, Pepsi Co. who make the Latino students a priority in their donations.

Rob Reynolds, General Manger at AT&T, said investing in education is critical to building a workforce for the future. A business is only successful if its employees look like the community it serves, he said. Thirty-nine percent of AT&T employees associate themselves with a minority ethnic group and Reynolds said the company is committed to ensuring at-risk youth graduate high school and have the opportunity to attend college.

Created in 1992, the Tri-C Hispanic Council facilitates the implementation of initiatives to benefit Tri-C and the Latino community.  It also advises the College on Latino issues and serves as a liaison between the College and the Greater Cleveland Latino community.  The Council thanks the Tri-C Foundation Board of Directors, Key Foundation, Key Bank, AT&T and Pepsi Beverages Company for their ongoing commitment to the success of Latino students at Tri-C.

Photos by Arooj Ashraf.


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