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30th Tejano Music Awards on July 11


San Antonio, June 9, 2010: The Texas Talent Musicians Association (TTMA) producers of the 30th Annual Tejano Music Awards have released the top five nominees in each specific category. Winners will be announced at the 30th Annual Awards Show scheduled for Sunday, July 11, 2010 at Municipal Auditorium. This years host will be Comedian Paul Rodrguez.


Entertainer of the Year

Art Tijerina Grupo Vida

Elida Reyna

Jay Perez

Jimmy Gonzlez Grupo Mazz

Rubn Ramos Mexican Revolution


Song of the Year

Elida Reyna Playa Del Sol

Jay Prez Estoy Convincido

Jimmy Gonzlez y Mazz No Me Digas Que No

Raulito Navaira Bajo De Tu Sombra

Stefani Montiel Sigo Enamorada


Female Vocalist of the Year

Elida Reyna

Leslie Lugo

Linda Escobar

Monica Castro

Stefani Montiel


Male Vocalist of the Year

Jay Prez

Jimmy Gonzlez Grupo Mazz

Michael Salgado

Rubn Ramos -  Mexican Revolution

Sunny Sauceda


Best New Male Artist

AJ Castillo

Ben Rodrguez XS Band

Chepito Balli Tejano Brown

Eddie Jimnez Da Krazy Pimpz

Gabriel Bob Gallarza


Best New Female Artist

Jenny Albarez Grupo Aldaco

Joyce Adams Los Texas Wranglers

Larissa Maldonado Larrisa

Tania Castaneda Los Matadors

Veronica Sustaita Avance


Best New Group

(Six in this category due to a tie)

Chepito y Tejano Brown

Chicas De Canela

Da Krazy Pimpz

Grupo Aldaco (of Lansing MI)

Los Texas Wranglers

Veronica Sustaita y Avance


Album of the Year Tejano

David Lee Garza y Los Musicales Aqui Estare

Elida Reyna Elida Reyna LIVE

Jimmy Gonzlez y Mazz Enternamente

Rubn Ramos & The Mexican Revolution Revoluntionized

Stefani Montiel Divina


Album of the Year Conjunto

Conjunto Inizzio No Boundries

Hometown Boys Cargando La Bandera

Linda Escobar y Su Conjunto 25 Greatest Hits

Los TexManiacs Borders y Bailes

Michael Salgado Hombre Peligroso


Tickets for the awards show range from $15 to $60.  For tickets, call 800-745-3000.  For more information, log on to tejanomusic2010.com or tejanomusicawards.com.




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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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