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Cesar Chavez Academy first multi-campus district to receive full AdvanceED Accreditation


DETROIT: The AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees recommended Csar Chvez Academy for District Accreditation at their June meeting. The accreditation will be for all of the academy's campuses in Southwest Detroit, making it the first multi-campus charter district in Michigan to receive the mark.


The 1,800-plus students at Csar Chvez Academy thrive in the culturally diverse and bilingual environment. While 35% of students are technically English Language Learners (ELL), a much higher percent speaks English as a second language. District-wide, 94% of students come from economically disadvantaged families; about 12% have special needs.


Cindy Taraskiewicz, school leader at the Martin campus, explained that there are many systems in place that help ensure success for CCA students. Among them:

         School-wide behavior plans with positive reinforcement

         Highly qualified, dedicated teachers

         Highly effective support staff

         Deep collaboration among teachers

         Use of data to support instruction

         Response to intervention

         Community outreach

         Strong curriculum

         District-wide alignment

         Prolific technology: smart boards, computer labs, netbooks, Promethean boards, laptops



Cesar Chavez Academy is a free public charter school featuring personalized attention, dress code, full-day kindergarten, athletics and a bilingual, multicultural environment. Charter sponsor is Saginaw Valley State University. The academy is managed by The Leona Group.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Japanese Prime Minister thanked China for its support to the media Contributors earthquake On April 20 last year when he was Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan Contributors to the newspaper, thank the Chinese government and public support for Japan earthquake relief yesterday, the current Japanese Prime Minister (Prime Minister) Noda again to this Submission, thanks for including Chinawithin the international community, "the greatest <a href="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/"><strong>herve leger dress</strong></a> Assistance and affectionate contact, and introduced the situation of the earthquake one year after the completion of reconstruction East Japan earthquake on March 11, left a deep imprint in the hearts of the Japanese. On the occasion of first anniversary of the earthquake of unprecedented crisis in Japan, to China and I commend expressed condolences to the quake affected people, as well as people around the world affected by natural disasters<a href="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/Black-Herve-Leger-Dress-tagid-61.html"><strong>black herve leger dress</strong></a> We will never forget the love of family, friends and compatriots killed in the earthquake, at the same time, we will not forget the great assistance given and expressed by the international community, including your country and affectionate contact. In this way, we, with a grateful heart, once again to express Japan's sincere gratitude. In the past year, China's post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation work has made tremendous progress. When the earthquake occurred first anniversary, we must seize the opportunity to re-determination, and continue to learn a lesson from the many difficulties faced by. Today's difficult times, is that Japan should really open When the beginning of reconstruction, we are in such a node.<a href="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/Herve-Leger-Bandage-cid-418.html"><strong>herve leger bandage</strong></a> I believe that the machine prompted by this earthquake, the Japanese have a strong cohesion and sense of crisis, then the face as an urgent task of reconstruction, the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima first nuclear power plant waste disposal, the disaster area decontamination work, as well as the Japanese economy revival, we will be able to Jushi Into the City to prepare the response. For post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation of the East Japan earthquake, we have taken in the past year a number of strategic countermeasures, and made ??follow-up in the budget and the rule of law. Furthermore, the ongoing, such as reconstruction subsidies, and reconstruction SAR established to deal with the requirements of the revival of Hall <a href="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/White-Herve-Leger-Dress-tagid-64.html"><strong>white herve leger dress</strong></a> Set up so that the revival hall is responsible for the overall redevelopment plan and work. Moreover, food safety testing system has been further strengthened, and put one trillion yen fiscal Fukushima nuclear power plant surrounding areas of living space to carry out decontamination. <a href="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/Herve-Leger-V-Neck-Dress-In-All-Red-pid-2587.html"><img src="http://ebayhervelegerdresses.com/Public/Uploads/Products/20120108/Herve%20Leger%20V%20Neck%20Dress%20In%20All%20Red.jpg"/></a>

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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Friday, February 24, 2012

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