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Immigration rally held outside Obama speech at the Big House

ANN ARBOR, May 1, 2010 (AP): More than 500 people held a mock graduation ceremony for undocumented immigrant students Saturday near the site of President Barack Obamas University of Michigan commencement speech.

The students, all undocumented, were part of a rally near Michigan Stadium organized primarily by the organization Reform Immigration for America. The event also drew support from local religious and labor leaders.

Protestors to Arizonas new law rally in Ann Arbor. Photos courtesy of Reform Immigration for America/Jessica Daz.

Eight undocumented youths had marched 45 miles from Detroit for the rally. Maribel Hurtado, 18, who was born in Mxico and came to the United States when she was 2, said the 12 blisters on her feet are a small price to pay for delivering a message that we want to contribute to a better nation.

Speaking at the rally was frightening because of the fear of deportation, she said, ``but if we were to get deported we would not be leaving this country doing nothing.''

``This is our dreamwe want to make a difference,'' she said.

The group, cheering as Obama's helicopter swooped overhead, marched west to the stadium. Most demonstrators were Latinos, with interpreters translating speeches into Spanish. But buses from Dearborn and other Michigan cities brought demonstrators from Arab-American communities who noted immigration issues transcended the U.S. border with Mxico.

It was the largest demonstration held around the University of Michigans commencement ceremonies. Smaller groups, including tea party supporters and anti-abortion demonstrators, lined the main traffic arteries that fed crowds into the stadium.



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