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Hot button topics discussed at the 15th annual Hispanic Leadership Conference
By Ingrid Marie Rivera, La Prensa Correspondent

ELYRIA: (April 30 to May 1, 2010): Speakers at the 15th annual Hispanic Leadership Conference tackled several hot button issues: Human trafficking for sex and cheap labor, Immigration Reform, Latino health disparities, the need for Latinos to be counted in the 2010 Census, and Puerto Rico’s new birth certificate law.

Conference coordinator Mike Ferrer with Luis Balzac, regional director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs, and Elizabeth Soto, CHIP treasurer.

More than 500 people turned out to the Hispanic Leadership Conference and more than 470 turned out to the evening Gala hosted by the Coalition for Hispanic Issues and Progress, at Lorain County Community College, the Holiday Inn and Lorain Party Center, April 30 to May 1, 2010.

Organizers say the “Abriendo Puertas” or “Opening Doors” conference is to get the conversation started on the issues that matter most to the Latino community, to spread that message and bring about change.

Conference director Mike Ferrer said: “It means opening the mind to new ideas. It means opening the hearts of the participants to what’s happening all around them,” he said. 

Entertainment included Tango dancing, Justo Saborit band, Sabor Latino, Los Tres Sonidos, 14-year-old storyteller Julissa Reyes, and poet Gabriela García Medina. Plus, María Domínguez, Puerto Rican muralist from New York, presented small-scale prints of her murals that are around 75 feet tall or higher.

Domínguez said she grew up in an impoverished, drug-infested area of New York City. Although she jokes that she started her artistic career in hopes of landing great fame and fortune, she soon discovered how powerful artwork can be to revamp a community’s spirit.

When she saw children dancing Puerto Rico’s folkloric “Bomba” dance in the midst of all that deteriorated neighborhood, she was inspired to make murals with the help of other local artists to reenergize her community.

Her first community mural “Baile Bomba” (1983) is two 15 feet by 25 feet murals, and lasted three years in New York City’s Lower East Side. “‘Baile Bomba’ is a reflection of what the community wanted,” Domínguez said “Bomba is a dance to enlighten the spirit…It just reignited that whole street. It reignited the community.”

The conference received $46,000 from 39 sponsors, including La Prensa, that will go to fund the conference except for the speakers that volunteered their time, Ferrer said.

Human Trafficking

Ferrer said the conference has been very effective in bringing about change.

Human trafficking was also one topic discussed at last year’s conference, and this year the Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, chairman on the Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Commission, released a February 2010 study that concludes one in three Ohio runaways gone for two weeks or longer is at risk of being trafficked for sex - the first study of its kind to quantify the statewide problem. It estimates in Ohio, more than 1,800 young citizens and undocumented immigrants between the ages of 12 and 17 are trafficked for sex or cheap labor in a given year, and two thirds of that figure are Latinos. 

“We do see human trafficking already. It is a significant problem in Ohio,” Cordray said.

Ohio’s response is weak and inadequate because of the tools given to law enforcement and prosecutors, Cordray said, adding legislation is being introduced and they have begun to train thousands of law enforcement officers across Ohio.

Toledo was ranked 4th for human trafficking for sex in the nation, behind Miami, Portland, Ore., and Las Vegas when it comes to numbers of arrests, investigations, and rescues of children involved in sex trafficking, according to the study.

Yet, unlike 42 other states, Ohio does not have human trafficking laws.

Ohio state senators Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) and Tim Grendell (R-Chester Township) introduced Senate Bill 235 that would make human trafficking a second-degree felony in the state. “We were surprised it wasn’t already a felony,” Ferrer said.

CHIP decided to bring this issue back from last year’s conference after realizing how many people did not know human trafficking was occurring in Ohio.

A panel, including a domestic relations judge, newspaper editor, police chief, and prosecutor, discussed first responders including law enforcement to human trafficking in Ohio are unaware or not properly trained; customers who purchase youth remain protected, receiving minimal charges and rarely are prosecuted in Ohio; and traffickers suffer minimal consequences; while Ohio has high rates of vulnerable youth.

Immigration Reform

Conference Directors Mike and Dina Ferrer knew one of the most important issues facing Latinos is immigration reform, but bringing that issue to the conference was not going to be easy, Mike Ferrer said.

“Now, immigration, everyone’s terrified of it. And everyone’s is backing off,” he said.

So they decided to bring Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels, a nonprofit organization that helps undocumented immigrants.

Border Angels founder Enrique Morones with U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH).

“His belief is no one should have to die trying to make a better life for their families,” Ferrer said.

Morones, of Mexican roots, said one or two people die every day attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, after the Great Wall was recently extended almost 700 miles—separating the United States from its neighbor México. No wall separates the United States from its neighbor Canada.  

Border Angels, funded in 1986 and quickly growing since 2001, has roughly 2,000 volunteers that travel to the desert areas surrounding the San Diego County and other areas around the United States and México border to provide food, water, and clothing to the undocumented immigrants crossing the borders. Morones said his faith-based group just wants to prevent unnecessary deaths.

“We’re all of the same race: the human race,” Morones said, as the audience responded with applause.

Morones denounced the recently passed Arizona Senate Bill 1070, calling it “very discriminatory” and “immoral.” He added he believes the new law will be found to be unconstitutional by the courts.

Morones said often Latinos are told to “get in line” to become citizens but he asks “what line? There is no line.”

He said Latinos are asking for humane immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. Morones said he also believes undocumented immigrants seeking citizenship should become assimilated and learn the English language while keeping their native tongue.

He concluded his speech asking the audience for a moment of silence.

U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio 13th) also said the Arizona 1070 bill needs to be immediately challenged because it is discriminatory and allows racial profiling. She said there is a need for immediate comprehensive immigration reform, and suggests penalizing the companies that hire undocumented immigrants at substandard wages. 

Also discussed at the conference by a panel of doctors and Latino leaders was: the need for Latinos to seek more preventative health care treatments, as they still disproportionately bear the major diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, and stroke.

The panel, moderated by Rev. Max Rodas M.A., included: Gabriela Sehinkman, Victor Leandry, Gloria Badillo, ND, and Dr. Leonor María Osorio.

Puerto Rico’s Birth Certificate Law

Previously issued birth certificates in Puerto Rico will stop being valid on July 1, 2010, after legislators on the island passed a law last year in an effort to stop passport fraud and identity theft.

But, Luis Balzac, regional director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs, said there is no need to rush out and get a birth certificate right away on July 1. He advised requesting a new birth certificate immediately only if needed, for example, for a marriage or to get a license.  Those living in the U.S. can request one by mail.

To request a new birth certificate, visit www.prfaa.com/birthcertificates/ , or visit http://www.salud.gov.pr , send $5 and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a copy of a valid ID.

The U.S. State Department informed the island’s leaders last year that 40 percent of 8,000 recent cases of passport fraud involved Puerto Rican birth certificates, Balzac said.

But what does the new birth certificate have that will prevent fraud? Nothing, he said. The hope is that Puerto Ricans will do a better job of guarding their new birth certificate.

Balzac said in Puerto Rico, the custom was to request several copies of birth certificates and to give them to several different organizations like a church, a sports team, a summer camp, that could then be misplaced and end up in the hands of criminals.

A Puerto Rican birth certificate that proves U.S. citizenship, was then easily exchanged for a passport in the states. 

He said the new birth certificate law will require organizations to make a copy of the birth certificate and return the original to its owner.

“By making the old ones invalid, we will be able to prevent people from stealing them,” Balzac said.

But the audience loudly voiced their concerns for the law. In Ohio, employees at the BMV have begun to reject the current Puerto Rican birth certificates, even though they are still valid until June 30th, 2010. One man in the audience said his daughter was not able to apply for her license because they claimed her Puerto Rican birth certificate was invalid - even though it is still valid. Balzac said the law is still being misunderstood. 

“The law was passed rapidly because of the issue of fraud,” Balzac told the restless audience, “There will be changes in the law that I can’t say but think of the alternative. If we had done nothing. Think of all those who have had their identity stolen. The state of Ohio has reacted the wrong way but we will get it right in the end,” he said.

Attendee Fernando González said he believes the new law will prevent future fraud. González said this was his first time attending the Hispanic Leadership Conference but greatly enjoyed it because he learned so much.

“Mike [Ferrer] did a phenomenal job. I didn’t know anything about the Puerto Rico birth certificate law. So many great politicians and musicians came out. I was really impressed.”

He added the talks on immigration have proven “there really is no easy solution. I know how difficult it is to change states, I couldn’t imagine changing countries. Like [Enrique Morones,] I would give [the undocumented immigrants] something to drink too,” he said.

To learn more about Enrique Morones’ Border Angels or Angeles de la Frontera visit http://www.borderangels.org  See Maria Dominguez’ work here: http://www.mariadominguez.com/

See La Prensa’s video coverage of this event at http://www.youtube.com/user/LaPrensaWeekly?feature=mhw5 or Http://www.youtube.com/user/LaPrensaWeekly 

Also: https://laprensatoledo.com/Stories/2006/February%2015,%202006/Strictland%20campaign%20hits%20big%20brown%20bump.htm


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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