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Earl Murry, Ph.D: Ready to tackle the task of resurrecting Lucas County
By Fletcher Word, Sojourners Truth Editor
Special to La Prensa

Earl Murry, Ph.D., former professor of education, former vice provost at The University of Toledo, former executive director of the Dayton Public Schools, former executive director of the Columbus Municipal Civil Service among other positions has a rsum that reflects a lifetime of accomplishments.

In the years since his departure from UT, however, Murry has shown no inclination to rest on those laurels.

Whether joining the battle to bring to light what he believed to be UTs discriminatory racial practices or leading the charge in a local dispute over ownership of a television station, Murry has been as active as ever in the Toledo area over the past several years.

Earl Murry, Ph.D.

And if all goes according to his plan, Murry, a Democratic candidate for the Lucas County Board of Commissioners, will add another impressive entry to his biography that of an elected official.

Never hesitant to express his thoughts on subjects of substance, Murry has outlined three key issues currently facing the commissioners: jobs creation, economic development, and taxation.

The commissioners have the responsibility of attracting jobs to Lucas County, said Murry. That means they need to get out of One Government Center and get around the state, the region, the nation and the world. Murry intends, he said, to select the best economists and strategic planners to assist the commissioners with the task of jobs creation and to reach out to those already here in the business community in order to work cooperatively on the task.

Ive been involved in bringing jobs to other cities such as with Delphi and Huntington Bank to Columbus, said Murry. The Toledo area has the opportunity to regain what it once had as a highly visible, recognized city that can retain corporation. It was once the fourth largest industrial city. We need to make sure that all parties know what it takes.

Murry also touted his own experience as a private individual in the northwest Ohio area in jobs creation. He has been involved for some time now as a consultant and advisor in the attempt to bring the now infamous coke plant to the region, creating hundreds of jobs with outstanding salaries.

On the issue of economic development, he observed that there are 16 economic development agencies in Lucas County. Some of those agencies, he noted, have the funds and the ability to accomplish their goals while others the one and two-person shops dont.

As a result, money is often returned to the sources without being spent [on the intended purpose], he said. We need to bring the 16 agencies together, to facilitate working together.

Murry would like to see an overseer or administrator working around the clock to help the disparate agencies collaborate on their activities, indeed, in order to spur action altogether.

When I pulled building permits over the past five years for new homes, construction or remodeling theres no activity in Lucas County, said the candidate.

As for taxes under no circumstances should Lucas County be considering increased taxes, when we are not generating revenues, said Murry.

One of Murrys proposed solutions to the issue of generating additional revenues is to better utilize the properties that Lucas County and the City of Toledo already have in their possession. Presently Lucas County has buildings and office space that are unoccupied and could be rented to generate revenue, said Murry. There is, for example, the vacant Court of Appeals building, there are offices in One Government Center vacant. The vacant properties must be looked into to know how to best generate revenue and to save tax payers from being assessed money unwarranted.

Murry offers to work cooperatively with fellow commissioners in order to address the issue of generating revenues.

In fact, Murry stresses the need to work cooperatively with a host of stakeholders from around the county. I do, absolutely, understand that the county and city should join hands significantly in helping one another, he said of what he anticipates to be a working relationship with Mayor Mike Bell, another strong advocate of regionalism.

We havent made [surrounding communities] a holistic part of what we do, he said touching on the issue of the long-time reluctance of suburban towns and townships to embrace regionalism. I understand their reluctance because they have been left out. But they will be more involved than ever before. I believe in inclusion and shared governance.

There are also a few things Murry definitely does not believe in and he is more than eager to share those thoughts. Among the practices he disdains are nepotism, political patronage and recycling non-achieving elected and non-elected public officials.

I am adamantly opposed to recycling individuals into positions who have clearly demonstrated they can do nothing to bring about change to Lucas County, said Murry. I will not ascribe to that. We have wonderful, upcoming, capable, younger individuals who deserve the right to be placed into positions that have traditionally been filled by retreads. I am opposed to recycling of individuals relatives into political offices when there are vacancies.

Nepotism should not go un-dealt with. If you cant win office because you have qualifications, you should not have that office.

Although new to the business of seeking elected office, Murry certainly does not consider himself to be a neophyte when it comes to the tasks facing the Board of Commissioners.

Ive been inside, before I became a candidate, and have known how to do what needs to be done, he said. I absolutely want to be elected because I think that I can do good. Individuals who are ill-concerned with preparation should not be elected.

And there are any number of current elected officials whom Murry believes are, for a variety of reasons, ill-prepared to best serve their constituents.

Im not happy with the performances of a couple of commissioners, he said. I dont think they have represented Lucas County the way it should be represented. We are better than that and we need to stop electing people based on name recognition thats absurd.


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