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Op-Ed: Obama Wins with Message of Hope and Unity

By Richard Romero


As I watched history in the making, I was filled with not only excitement and pride for my country, but also with hope for all our futures.  This election moves us further along the path of realizing the American dream for every citizen.


With a Barrack Hussein Obama’s election, we have the kind of leadership that will call on all Americans to work together to realize the promise of the Declaration of Independence—That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


Throughout the campaign, now President-Elect Obama held up these ideals as the foundation of our future and demonstrated an understanding of that promise and a plan for making it a reality for all. 


Latinos heard this message and responded with 67% voting for the Obama ticket – a greater than 2:1 margin over Republican John McCain, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Early estimates for Ohio suggest Obama received over 70% of the Latino vote.


With this historic victory, let us now begin to work together. We need to put aside the simplistic partisanship and political labeling. Given the overwhelming support Obama received from Latinos in Ohio and nationally, anti-immigration and English-only proponents need to re-examine their positions. What we saw in this election with the increased participation of Latinos will only increase in future elections.  The results of this election also show that we need to re-examine the nation’s direction on not just these two issues.


We need to redirect our priorities back to taking care of all Americans first.  This means preserving and rebuilding the middle class by means of long-term economic stimuli and job creation and job preservation.  It means that health care should not be a privilege, but a necessity that is accessible to all. It means quality education and affordable college education for our children—all necessary for global competition. 


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with delegates from other countries.  These international representatives were here to observe how we conduct elections. While talking to them, they expressed to others and me their dismay that the United States is seen internationally as disrespectful and arrogant.  They were hoping that the next president will demonstrate leadership that projects dignity, foresight and respect for the relative positions other countries have in their regions and the world.


With Obama, we will regain our position as a true leader in a changing, challenging world. We will once again benefit from someone who understands what the power of restraint means. He will bring together people of different points of view, listen to their arguments, and make his decision. 


When dealing with our neighbors in the world, he will restore America’s place as a true leader – respected and honored, as a just and fair participant on the world stage.







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