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Op-Ed: Vote for Barack Obama

By Richard Romero


We have an opportunity not only to make history but also change the course of the United States of America.  On November 4, 2008, we are calling on you to exercise your most precious right as a citizen and meet your greatest responsibility – that is, Your Vote! 


Your vote between John McCain, who is worried about his candidacy, and Barack Obama, who is worried about our jobs, health care, education, college tuition, and our reputation as a respected nation around the world.


The unemployment rate in the Latino community is predicted to be three times the national rate.  Obama’s plan is to provide incentives for small businesses who create jobs here in the United States and change the free trade agreements that encourage U.S.-American jobs to move oversees and keep those jobs here. 


Forty-seven million uninsured U.S.-Americans do not have health care.  A significant number of those are Latinos.  Under Obama’s plan, we can see well over 95% of the U.S.-American public will have affordable health care.  The greatest impact will be in the lower income categories and children, which make up the bulk of the uninsured community. 


McCain’s scare tactics that Obama will increase taxes in not only unfounded, but the truth is that over 95% of Americans will see a decrease in taxes.  For example, those making $30,000 – $40,000 will receive over $1,039 in tax cuts from Obama, while McCain’s plan only reduces their taxes by $178. 


For those making $50,000 that tax break is over $1,124 from Obama and just over $232 from McCain.  McCain’s biggest tax breaks will go to the large oil companies – reducing their tax rate from 35% to 25% or a tax break of $4 billion. 


This “trickle down” view of economics has failed before.  The last great stock market decline occurred after President Ronald Reagan initiated his “trickle down” plan. (The other two great stock market collapses occurred under Republican administrations – President Herbert Hoover before the Great Depression, and under President George “W.” Bush.)


Obama believes in a bottom-up approach, where we create jobs and educational opportunity and increase purchasing power and productivity.


With his tax cuts, Obama is putting money into the hands of American consumers.  His is not a one-time band aid called a “stimulus” check of $600 per person, which was clearly not enough to be any real help to families. 


But Obama’s overall plan of tax cuts, health care, economic stimulus, and job creation is a commitment to the long term.  This is planning for our future, not just an empty promise to the middle class while giving the real breaks to the big corporations and their CEOs.


In these last couple of weeks, we have seen from the McCain campaign an all out effort to divide the American people.  Instead of raising and discussing real issues that impact us all everyday, John McCain/Sarah Palin raise points that are intended to divide us along issues that are cosmetic and have no real substance.  They are insinuating that among American citizens there are those who are anti-American just because they do not agree with McCain/Palin. 


What we need is a “Uniter” – not a “Divider.”  We need someone like Obama, who said in his first national address, “We are not a country of red states and blue states.  We are the United States of America.”


Vote November 4! ¡Atrevete!  ¡Su Voto es su Voz!





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