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*La Explosiva Reina 2008*  (The Explosive Queen)                    
By: Marc Perf


Simply spectacular was the Grand Gala Night of the official presentation of the aspirants to stay the crown of the explosive Queen 2008. Besides the great opportunity of winning votes across four tests of Runway, Presentation, Cheer and Talent.


Sunday, June 29, 2008, turned out as planned—an unforgettable day. All those attending Papi O Night Club •  Ypsilanti, had a chance to enjoy the charm, beauty and freshness of 6 girls, they 6 left; who came in spite of everything, at the end of the first step of the contest.

•  Dulce María Flores, Jalisco• Detroit, wore a dress of black night satin princess cut in line "A". The skirt included a white board in front with discreet embroidery.
•  Krisbell Corrujedo, Durango• Taylor, arrived wearing silk dress on race in bright yellow tone, with a discreet neckline in "V" and an elegant full skirt.
•  Yom Barboa, Sinaloa• Canton, a beautiful strapless dressed in blue type siren turquoise, guipure embroidery, evoking the classic & sophisticated contemporary doll.
•  Sindy• Menjivar, El Salvador• Wixom, arrived in a beautiful and sensual silk satin

  dress in red tone scarlet like “painted” his sculptural body that measures perfect.
•  Carolina Guigoz, Michoacan• Ypsilanti, wore a black dress cut straight, gauze, with a neckline and drape subtle and stylized flounce all along her left side.
•  Marichú• González, Jalisco• West Bloomfield, wore a super• sexy evening dress in black lace with a semi• full skirt, giving her an extraordinary and overall elegance.
The winner of Runway by grace, elegance and coquetry proved Yomara Barboa, with 250 Votes courtesy of the explosive Energy Drink. Then came the test of Talent.

•  Marichú González, wearing summer suit made a very creative and sexy

  commercial of La Explosiva Energy Drink.
•  Carolina Guijoza sang a song accompanied by Memo Cárdenas of “Los de

  Arrabal” of “Bohemian Nights.”
•  Sindy• Menjivar wore a spectacular sexi• piece suit in black trousers and very

  pretty, danced “Bidibidibombom.”
•  Yomara Barboa danced Pasito Duranguense accompanied by the famous fan of the

  1480 called “The Mysterious.”
•  Dulce María Flores also sang a song accompanied by Memo Cardenas, a song of the Spanish Monica Naranjo.
•  Krisbell Corrujedo danced a Solo of Pasito Duranguense. Everybody appreciated a great variety of steps.

The winner of stage Talent was Krisbell Corrujedo, with 250 votes courtesy of Papi O Night Club.

And at last reached one of the great moments of the night, the prize for which BRING THE BEST CHEER. ¡Banners, streamers, Trumpets, Scream y tremendous Racket! that despite having shown great energy throughout the event, broken out in an incredible roar that completely flooded every corner of Papi O. The result was a tie between Krisbell and Yomara’s Cheers, with a prize of 250 votes each, courtesy of Alebrije Cultural Productions.

Lastly was just reward with another 250 Votes, courtesy of the explosive 1480, the girl with the most points of the jury, which was formed by Mr. Mark Finley, Manager Daddy O, Carmen Perez• Flores, Director of Alebrije and Juan Munoz, Representing La explosiva1480, all votes were collated by Mr. Miguel Angel Vega of La Explosiva. And the big winner of the night was… ¡Krisbell Corrujedo!


Do not miss the special Radio• Shows of “La Explosiva Reina 2008”:   *Among Queens*, with all the candidates lIVE, talking on various topics of general interest, for you to know them better, choose and support for your favorite •  Sundays 2pm. In addition: Echoes  & High• lights at *La Queen Beauty Salon*, in a comedy style with everything that you missed from Sunday's radio• show, including one another advance of what’s coming up next •  Wednesday 5pm.

1480AM        www.explosiva1480.com      ¡Support your favorite!

The event will take place thru voting, and you can get those very easily, by contacting your favorite candidate. Of course who gets more votes, will win the crown. So if you know her, call to say … ¡Hey, I want to vote for you!

If you do not know them but want to acquire votes: [email protected] 734 678 7599

But if you just want to give “moral support” then go to: http://myspace.com/laexplosivareina and leave them a message. There you can view photos, read comments and reviews of different events.








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