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Dear Ohio Senators/Legislators,

I am chairman of the Hispanic Roundtable, an organization whose purpose
is to act as a catalyst to create equal opportunities for Hispanics
throughout the state and help solve the challenges faced by Hispanics.

I have just learned of an effort by the state legislature to combine
House Bill 477 and Amended Senate Bill 260. We urge you to reject combining the
Bills, as well as the substance of each Bill.

First, H.B. 477 is a de facto “English-Only Bill” aimed at Hispanics,
in what I will kindly call a hostile political environment. It is, quite
frankly, xenophobic. Moreover, the Bill, in substance, is a tautology
and unnecessary, given current practices in Ohio. Moreover, the
enforcement to allow a mandamus as a remedy creates an opportunity for
extraordinary mischief.

With respect to S.B. 260, the Bill tries to combine law enforcement
with immigration enforcement. Immigration policy is clearly a federal
issue and preempted by federal law. The reality is that this bill is
being used as pretext by many to use local law enforcement against

We urge you to vote against the combination of these Bills, as well as
each Bill itself. This Bill will have an enormous “chilling
effect” on those Hispanics who are citizens and who are authorized to be

Ohio and America are much nobler than these myopic and short-sighted
efforts to pander to a small segment of our community whose motivations
are clearly and painfully ignoble.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

José C. Feliciano, Esq.
Chairman, Hispanic Roundtable
3200 National City Center
1900 East 9th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3485
Telephone: (216) 861-7827
Email: [email protected]






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