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La Prensa Editorial—It’s all about Racism


Not long ago, David Horsey of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer drew a cartoon (above) in which he depicted a weapon-toting hunter, gunning for “Mexican Immigrants,” regardless of legal status. This distasteful cartoon stated that this nihilistic nimrod was inspired by God. 


In the past several years, there has been a flurry of such political imagery and activity, such as: building double-layered walls separating the United States—the melting pot—from its friendly neighbor México, English-only bills, and immigrant bashing.


This conduct is being condoned in the name of “national security,” but, in reality, it is nothing more than blatant Racism. No mention, for example, is made of building walls separating the United States from the much longer border with Canada.


The State of Ohio is now attempting to pass a law—Amended Senate Bill 260—which essentially makes immigration officers out of municipal, county, and state employees, including deputy sheriffs, county commissioners, and local police.


Historically, immigration has been a federal issue—not state or local. A uniform, national policy is necessary. Immigration reform is needed and hopefully with successful elections in November, meaningful immigration reform will become a reality—Ohio and the other states should not be hasty and succumb to what, in effect, amounts to Racism.


While Amended Senate Bill 260 may be well-intentioned, it will probably lead to racial profiling and illegal discrimination; moreover, its constitutionality is questioned.


Senator Teresa Fedor recently informed La Prensa that while she originally co-sponsored Bill 260, she does not support the bill as currently written. At the time of her vote, she did not realize that the Ohio Commission of Hispanic/Latino Affairs opposed it. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has expressed similar reservations.


State, county, and local employees need not be in the immigration business. This matter should be left to federal representatives in Washington, D.C.  Non-federal public servants have enough on their plates in terms of local issues.   


La Prensa urges the Ohio House of Representatives to defeat the direction set by the Senate in its amended bill. There are other pressing issues for Ohioans such as passage of the “Jobs Stimulus Package” introduced in April of 2008.     


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