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La Prensa endorses Barack Obama for president

Feb. 27, 2008


Hillary Clinton was elected to be a U.S. Senator for New York in November of 2000; Barack Obama was elected to be a U.S. Senator for Illinois in November of 2004. Prior to this, Obama served eight years in the Illinois State Legislature - from 1996 through 2004.

Clinton graduated from Yale Law School. Obama graduated from Harvard Law School. Both have similar voting records in the Senate and both are highly qualified to be president of the United States. 


After reviewing the issues, La Prensa endorses Barack Obama for president.


Of the two, Obama is viewed as the less polarizing candidate, as illustrated by his crossover appeal to both Independents and Republicans in the primaries, especially in Wisconsin, where Obama received 58% of the vote compared to 41% for Clinton—the Independents and Republicans, who voted for Obama, contributed to his 17-point margin of victory.


To date, Obama has captured victories in 24 states, compared to 13 states garnered by Clinton.


La Prensa endorses Obama over Clinton because of Obama’s willingness to hold diplomatic talks with Cuba with no preconditions, unlike Clinton, who stated in their debate in Austin on Feb. 21, 2008, that she would not hold such discussions without preconditions. The United States has boasted of almost 5 decades of embargo on Cuba and the Cuban people, while the United States has relations with the Communist dictatorships of Viet Nam and China. The majority of the world, including U.S. allies, trades and negotiates with Cuba.


La Prensa endorses Obama for his sound judgment in decrying the unilateral, preemptive military attack upon Iraq. Obama predicted the outcome of this unwise venture. The United States has disrupted the Middle East, is paying $400 million a day for a war that should have never been initiated by the Bush administration and his “experienced” administration. Clinton, as a member of the Senate, voted for this war and has, to date, not apologized, unlike former presidential contender John Edwards.


La Prensa endorses Obama for his stance on NAFTA. NAFTA has siphoned many jobs from U.S. workers, particularly in the Midwest, from the United States to Asia, especially to Communist China and Viet Nam. Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, was a key advocate for NAFTA; history reveals that, initially, Hillary Clinton was a proponent of NAFTA.


La Prensa has questioned the circumstances around the termination by Clinton of the first Latina Democratic campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle.  


La Prensa urges its readers to vote for Barack Obama for president. La Prensa urges voters in Ohio and Texas to vote for Barack Obama on March 4, 2008, even if the voter is Independent or Republican.


Finally, La Prensa urges the “superdelegates” to follow the lead of their respective constituents. La Prensa urges the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic parties of Michigan and Florida to reschedule primaries in these two states so that their respective voices can be heard come August 25-28, at the Democratic National Convention.    

 La Prensa’s Selected Endorsements for the March 4, 2008 Primary in Ohio





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