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Tejano-Conjunto Explosion was awesome


Over 1,000 Tejano fans were entertained on May 27, 2007 at the 4th Annual Midwest Tejano-Conjunto Explosion, presented by M & M Productions at Centennial Terrace in Sylvania, Ohio.


Sylvania is a stone-throw from Toledo, when one travels north towards Michigan.

Mark Garcia, Bob Olivo, Mike Avina


M & M stands for Mark (García) and Mike (Avina)—or is it Mike and Mark? Well, it really doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that Mark and Mike have hosted several events per year for several years now, to promote Tejano and Conjunto music throughout the Midwest.


They hooked up with BNetRadio (www.BNetRadio.com) by inviting Bob Olivo to return to his native Ohio. Olivo was raised in Ottawa, Ohio and was involved in Tejano music since youth, being part of Eddie Olivo y Los Impactos and Bobby Romero’s band (Leipsic); he was a DJ at BGSU 88.1FM.


Olivo moved to Houston in 1989 to be the Latin music buyer for Southwest Wholesale. Olivo also writes music—for Tejano greats such as David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, David Marez, and Fama.


Olivo has been Webcasting with BnetRadio for four years. BnetRadio was feature in La Prensa’s story BNetTejano Webcasting: Changing the future of radio en el mundo at: laprensatoledo.com/Stories/2005/Dec%2014%202005/


Olivo and his co-DJ Lady Di (95.3FM, WQTE, Adrian MI) introduced the seven talented bands, playing nonstop from 4:30PM till Midnight. The bands included: Bobby DeLeón and Mas Caliente de Saginaw, La Corporación de Lansing, Grupo Sensación de Mt. Clemens, Los Cuatro Vientos de Jimmy Bejarano de Fremont, Los Carnales (Saginaw), Futuro Band de Chicago, and Grupo Dezeo de Toledo.


Olivo was also Webcasting the gig on BNetRadio.


To add spice to the Memorial Day weekend, M&M Productions also had a pre-party and after-party at Club Prestige, located in south Toledo. At the pre-party on Saturday, May 26, 2007, Olivo also broadcast live from the club, where Sensación was playing.


All in all, an awesome weekend. Thanks to Mike and Mark, Bob Olivo, and Lady Di.



Future Tejano Fan con mama

Abel and Juanita Gonzalez of Adrian MI


Bobby De Leon

Chicago Chulas


April with her mother Bobby Love

Conjunto Fans


Connie and Rudy Flores at Club Prestige

Consuelo and Oscar Hernandez


Bob Olivo hands out CDs and T-shirts

Di and Mike Avina


Dine time at El Camino Real Sky

DJ Bob Olivo


Dos chulas

Eddie Marroquin y esposa


Gasper Herrera and Clyde Lopez, two old-time Tejanos

Gasper Herrera y Esposa


George Marroquin y esposa

Jaime and Maria Molina


Jimmy B with DJs Freddy G and Geraldo Rosales

Ken and Monica Ramirez Wachowiak with Lady Di


Los Carnales de Saginaw

Margarita De Leon, Sylvestre Duran con familia


Mary and Frank Reyes

Modesto Sanchez con esposa y Rick de La Prensa


Rick and friends

Rosemary Joe Munoz


Sylvestre Duran y hijos

Sensacion with Mark Garcia


Una Familia

Otra Familia


Gloria Enriguez of BGSU

Tejano fan


Sensacion at Club Prestige





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