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La Liga de Las Americas

Latino/a politicos must be fat and satisfied because they suckle no more
Commentary by Ramón Pérez

“Win the crowd and win Rome, Win Rome and win your Freedom” was the way for The Gladiator played by Russell Crowe to win his freedom from slavery.

It’s just a movie but it has a very relevant and progressive message for local and state politicos. There has been no call to win increased community involvement by our local or state elected or appointed Mexican leadership.

They suckle no more because our Latino leadership must have acquired all the state and local representation, funding, resources, and voters they need because all is silent in the neighborhoods.

Not one call from our local or state leadership has been made for an increase in civic involvement. Even though a recent article was published in a local Latino newspaper showcasing a partnership among Latino organizations in Toledo to address the many shortcomings in their community, all is silent.

No smoke signals or plans have been made public to increase voter turnout for this year’s election. Again, all is silent!

The 2006 Republican and Democratic Party have long been visible and vocal in our community courting the .04% of Latino leaders in Toledo. They basically do this out of courtesy as to not offend our community.

Guess what? Latinos have no plan. Nuestra gente have yet to start putting together a voter turnout game plan. How many will vote this year and how many new voters do we want to get to the polls? As of today, no one knows. Maybe we just won’t have a voter registration and turnout campaign as in the past years, decade. ¡Que lastima!

Let’s see, there’s the governor’s race. I wonder if the governor’s position can have a local impact on whether Mexican-American’s and other Latinos can increase their access to a better share of funding opportunities, resources, including appointments to decision-making boards that can determine whether Latinos have a higher graduation rate, more and better job opportunities, and increase homeownership for our gente to name a few? Again, all is silent!

There are many other critical political races and opportunities that will help Latinos improve their quality of life, right here in Toledo! Especially for many of our lost familias?

Poverty is a horrible way of life and it is preventable. But, all is silent in the Latino barrios in Toledo and across the state. Presidential election in two years?







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