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La Liga de Las Americas

To the Editor of La Prensa,

My name is Yvette N. Villanueva, from the University of Toledo.  HR 4437, proposed by Wisconsin Republican James Sensenbrenner, enrages me profoundly. 

I grew up working in the fields, surrounded by immigrants. My parents were immigrants and, thankfully, they are now residents of the United States.  However, I wonder what Mr. Sensenbrenner would do if his parents were immigrants and this bill was passed—I’m sure he would not have proposed it in the first place. 

I don’t know what he has against immigrants—all that they want is to work worry free and be able to provide for their families.

Yvette N. Villanueva

I wonder if he has ever watched the 1999 National Headliner Award Winner documentary titled Children of the Harvest, presented by Dateline NBC news (production by Andy Court and Victor Arango).  I was a part of that—I am the little girl falling asleep while working. 

This documentary might make Congressman Sensenbrenner see or understand just a little bit of what immigrants, their families, and friends go thought just to be able to provide a meal and a roof for their loved ones. 

When you think of the immigrant, the first thing that my mind envisions is a person working in the fields.  That is because it is true—immigrants have the worst paying and dirty jobs that there can be.  Yet, they do it for a better future for themselves and their loved ones. 

I worked in the fields from the tender age of ten until I was seventeen years of age.  And every year, my family migrated to Michigan as we picked blueberries or strawberries, and everywhere I looked there were immigrants.  So what would Congressman Sensenbrenner do if his bill became law? Is he going to work in the fields and provide food for U.S.-Americans? 

This statement goes directly to Mr. Sensenbrenner—immigrants don’t just come from México, but from all over the world. Is he also planning on building a wall on the border between Canada and the United States, or a wall on the east and west coast of our country?  I think that Mr. Sensenbrenner is just being racist in proposing this bill.  He should think about the consequences the bill may bring. 


Yvette N. Villanueva
Toledo, Ohio





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