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La Liga de Las Americas

To Editor:

Confidence in state government in Ohio is at the lowest point in decades.  Scandals, a cultural of corruption, arrogance, cronyism and pay-to-play are undermining public trust in government, and, more importantly, our electoral system.

State Issues 2-3-4-5 are a package of reforms initiated and brought to the ballot by a coalition of non-partisan citizen groups in attempt to clean up Ohio government by restoring competition to our elections, reforming campaign finance laws, and voting procedures and limiting partisan gerrymandering.  The various issues have and are receiving the endorsement of from a broad spectrum of editorial boards, non-partisan civic and community groups like the League of Women, as well as local political party organizations across Ohio. 

In an attempt to defeat the proposed reforms, special interests and the forces of status quo that benefit from “business as usual” have formed an organization collectively calling itself: “Protect Your Vote.” They have apparently amassed millions of dollars and have mounted a media and internet campaign of disinformation to confuse voters.  Their scare campaign includes photos of smiling parents cradling their infant and a pregnant mom gently patting her tummy.  The accompanying message implies among other things that families are threatened by the passage of the proposed reform issues. 

In fact, State Issues 2-3-4-5 have absolutely nothing to do with: abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, or drug legalization, as the opponents of reform imply. 

This outrageous campaign by the opponents to reform is emblematic of the problem in Ohio and the Nation; far too much money, cynically disbursed, to corrupt and further undermine public confidence and trust in government.  It is time that we Ohioans reject these shameful tactics once and for all! 

The “Reform Ohio Now” initiatives on our November 8th ballot will help clean up the mess in Ohio, and, if passed, may send a positive message to the rest of the Nation as well. State Issues 2-3-4-5 will help restore competition to our elections, fight political corruption, and are a step toward restoring public confidence and trust in our electoral system.   State Issues 2-3-4-5 deserve a strong vote “YES!”


Allen R. Baldwin
Bowling Green, Ohio





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