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Dr. Caleb Rosado stresses education at Latino Youth Summit

By Rico de La Prensa

The University of Toledo hosted its Third Latino Youth Summit on May 10 at UT’s Student Union Auditorium, with special guest speaker Dr. Caleb Rosado, who is the Chair of the Department of Urban Studies at Eastern University in Philadelphia .

Rosado, a sociologist by trade, is a gifted speaker, enamored with the importance of education for youth, especially Latinos.

On May 9th, Rosado also spoke at the Noche Para Los Padres, where he addressed some 60 parents of many of the youth that would be in attendance at the Summit .

Rosado told the parents, “Don’t be fooled by numbers. While Latinos are the largest and fasted growing minority group in the United States , they fall way behind in higher education attendance. Many drop out of high school—sometimes as high as 60 percent. This can not be tolerated.”

Rosado compared the stats of Asians with those of Latinos. “Why is it,” said Rosado, “do Asians have such a high achievement rate in the United States compared to Latinos?

“Asians have many of the same problems such as language barriers, recent arrival, and so forth, and yet they excel in education.”

Rosado stated that the following factors contributed to Asian educational accomplishments:

      • History of group study and parental support, honoring education in the home.

      “You don’t see Asians watching television at night, but studying,” stressed Rosado, who made it clear that he was angered by what he had seen in many Latino homes, where education played a minor role.

      • Longterm achievement as opposed to short term focus. Rosado stated that society was now informational as opposed to agrarian or industrial, with the need to have highly skilled education in the emerging digital, global economy.

“We need to take these Asian values and apply them to our Latino youth or suffer the long-term consequences,” concluded Rosado.






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