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To the Editor of La Prensa,

What a sad and sorry city I live in.  Toledo !  What a bunch of disrespectful representatives our “fine city” has. 

Here was a man, who for six years gave his time and absolute devotion to our great museum ship, the Willis B. Boyer.  I couldn’t be speaking of anyone except for Edward Goyette, Eddie to those who knew him.

Eddie made that ship what it is today; people who knew him or worked with him knew exactly how much he loved that thankless job, because of his love for the water and that ship.  He would spend endless hours on that ship and we all know how extremely little he was paid for all of his efforts.  

He made everyone who stepped foot on her (the Boyer) feel welcome and was always right at the bridge to greet all on-comers at special events.  You could feel the excitement radiating from Eddie; he loved to show her off.  He spent so many unpaid hours fixing this and fiddling with that.  He put uncountable amounts of his own personal money into that ship and was never reimbursed for one dollar of it.  She was his love and he treated her with great respect and care.

In return, what does our city do for such a giving man?  Absolutely NOTHING!  How despicable!  He was given no health insurance due to the fact that he was considered “seasonal” although he worked all hours all year around.  (Our city’s way of ‘putting it’ to the little guy.) Now, when he was in great and desperate need, our fine city turned their backs and shut the door on Eddie Goyette.

Sadly, Eddie Goyette passed away on February 27th, 2005 his dear and newly widowed mother traveled from Florida to bring her precious son home in a box; how sad for her.  I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that must be in her heart.  How can our city turn its back on a man, who has given so much to our city, and lays the entire burden at his mother’s feet?

I suggested a collection for Eddie, if nothing else. (Though he and his family deserve so much more.)  I was shocked and embarrassed to hear that his mother was given a whopping $84.00 from a collection at our City’s park and recreation department.  This is his reward for his dedication to our city! 

I, not alone, find this completely disgraceful.  What a slap it must be across his mother’s face.  Is this truly what his comrades, his fellow parks and recreational department employees, feel his services were worth?

Our own mayor, who was supposed to make an appearance at Eddie’s memorial service, did not show up.  The wonderful people from the Willis B. Boyer were the only representatives from our city who showed any respect for what Eddie Goyette has done for us all. 

His mother must look at our city in total disgust and rightfully so.  I am sure there are funds available to help this family.  Eddie Goyette was a definite asset to our city and a wonderful person with a smile for everyone and an outgoing personality.  I’ll be curious to see what happens to our great museum ship without the loving hands of Eddie Goyette to take care of her.


Ashamed of my city,

Mimi (Este) Grasser

Toledo , Ohio







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