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La mula chula, Sr. Ashford

Commentary by La Prensa

It is all about “la mula chula.”

City councilperson Michael Ashford (district 4) and his significant district-3-other have asked Toledo City Council president Louis Escobar (at-large) to step down as el presidente.

Why? Because Escobar is asking for a public hearing to determine the merits or demerits of bank/corporate giant Fifth Third’s request for a waiver from the city so that it can demolish three historic buildings in the heart of downtown Toledo (located at 319-323 North Huron St.) in order to accommodate 21 parking spaces for its select few and also a service lane for its armored trucks and couriers.

Apparently, Fifth Third is tired of paying parking tickets like the rest of the pueblo’s gente.

Preservation buffs have criticized the requested downtown demolition much as they have done with requests to demolish the Lathrop House in Sylvania , Ohio , which has awesome significance in the history of the civil rights moment for African-Americans.

Councilperson Ashford, do you dig? ¡No ser grano de anís!

This stretch of Huron Street is unique and contains one of the few remaining, unblemished tracts in downtown Toledo , as exemplified in the photograph. It should be preserved.

True, Fifth Third has been extremely community oriented, as exemplified by Fifth Third Field—the home of the Toledo Mud Hens. Such commitment by Fifth Third is to be commended, but the citizens of Toledo should have a voice in the historical significance of buildings in downtown Toledo .   

Ashford is pushing for a vote on Tuesday, February 22nd, and this publication will probably not be on the streets by the time the Ashford vote takes place in city council. Unfortunately, for historical preservation, the vote will probably go down in favor of the waiver.

Escobar has made it clear that he will vote “nay” to such a demolition, at least until after the citizens of Toledo have a hand in crafting the future of downtown Toledo .

Kudos for El Presidente Escobar!

The other councilpersons have not been so courageous.

Michael Ashford

What’s the beef of Councilperson Ashford? Contrary to reports from dubious sources, Escobar never called Fifth Third “terrorists,” but Escobar did complain of Fifth Third’s threat to move some of its operations from Toledo if it did not get its requested waiver.

Escobar states that he is justified in insisting on a public hearing because of the conflicting numbers of jobs that are threatened by the bank’s “innuendo” of relocation outside of Toledo .  And properly so—Fifth Third has flush-floundered between 50 and 200.

Besides, these structures should be preserved for future generations.

Quitarle al lucero del alba
, Councilperson Ashford and his significant district-3-other, una mensaje por favor: A hearing is necessary to review and balance the various issues involved.

Don’t repeat the smoking cessation ban sans hearing or public input. Remember what happened last November and what may possibly happen this November.  Ojo por ojo, diente por diente. ¿Verdad?

Entonces, it is all about “la mula chula.” La mula chula you say? Si, and if you listened to Los Huracanes del Norte’s rendition of this song, you would understand.    




Louis Escobar



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