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La Liga de Las Americas


The 10 Best Games for Latino Families, Navidad 2005

By Carina (Games are listed by appropriate age group, from youngest to oldest)


Green Alligators:  (Talicor): This bilingual charades game helps in language acquisition, build-self confidence, is active, highly interactive and great fun for families with younger children.  Retail price $9.99.


Snorta!  (Out of the Box Games) Imagine the whole family sitting around the table making animal sounds and laughing until they canít breathe and youíre picturing a family playing Snorta!  The game can be played with littler children or older children and will be great for family bonding, developing memory, and creating memories.  Retail price: $19.99.


Zoologic (Foxmind) Children beginning at age five will find this solitaire puzzle game challenging and fun.  A great opportunity for parents to coach, encourage and problem-solve with their children, Zoologic teaches logic, problem-solving and spatial relationships in a creative game.  Retail price: $19.99.


Maya & Miguel Word Scramble:  (Briarpatch) Parents remember doing slide number and word puzzles when they were kids.  This bilingual word scramble is great for learning new words, spelling in English & Spanish, and small motor dexterity.  Can be played alone or with others; this game is great to take to restaurants, doctor appointments and other places where kids need to sit quietly.  Retail price: $19.99.


Rush Hour:  (Thinkfun) This ingenious game is progressively challenging, entertaining and very addictive.  Buy two games so you can race while you develop logic skills, concentration, problem-solving abilities, and self-confidence.  Everybodyís favorite.  Retail price:  $15.99.


Jungle Smart: (Foxmind) This ingenious game teaches players to break a task down, one step at a time.  It is smart and funny while being competitive and educational for families with children starting at age 8.   Retail price: $19.99.


Brainstrain:  (Chucklegames) Get ready for some serious mind-reading... and fun!  This game is one of the best for family bonding and for reinforcing shared knowledge and experience.  You can make it as easy or difficult as you choose, the game is a source of great family fun and understanding.  Retail price: $23.99.


Zapt!  (Brainy Products)  The older kids will enjoy this game of addition and strategy, a smart and savvy take-off on Tic Tac Toe which is absorbing and challenging, while providing great family fun.  Surprise twists and turns keep the game exciting throughout!  Retail price: $19.99.


Infinifield: (Infinifield) This game can be different every time you play it because you can redesign the game board an infinite number of ways (hence the name).  This game of strategy is simple enough for small children to play and can be made complicated enough to stymie adults, though no language or reading is required. Retail price: $19.99.


Somebody: (Aristoplay) Donít blame me if your children decide to become doctors and nurses after playing this highly educational, fun game that can be adapted to a variety of age groups.  Although reading is required to play, the entire game is in Spanish.  The game is colorful, realistic, and very informative.  Retail price: $24.99.


Honorable Mention:  Kudos to Cranium Latin American Edition for translating their very popular, entertaining and educational Cranium game into Spanish! 



Editorís Note: Carina, the radio personality who has been advising her listeners on Spanish radio in Chicago for almost 10 years, is also owner of Casa de Carina from which she broadcasts her radio program live on WRTO 1200AM, La Tremenda, a Univision Radio Station, each Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  734-395-2834.






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