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Mayor Campbell greets Latinos, then blasts Jackson

By Teodosio Feliciano, La Prensa Reporter      

Mayor Jane L. Campbell met with a group of Latinos at the home of Reinaldo Galindo in Cleveland on Wednesday, March 30 to discuss the state of the city and ask for their support in the upcoming municipal elections.      

She reminded them of the difficult financial conditions that she encountered at the beginning of her 4-year term as mayor of
Cleveland , but that all of that “had been fixed.”  

However, “the budget passed by Cleveland’s city council just days earlier would make maintaining city services more difficult during this fiscal year,” she informed the Galindo-gathering. 

On March 28, Cleveland city council reduced the mayor’s budget in a move attributed by many to the political conflict between the mayor and council president Frank Jackson, who has since announced his candidacy for mayor in this year’s elections.        

At her web site, Campbell blasted Jackson and his leadership for passing a “deficit-ridden budget.” “Because of their irresponsible actions, their amended budget will cause a deficit of roughly $10 million as early as September [2005].”

Campbell continued digitally, “City Council’s budget is a deficit ridden disaster. Council leadership has crossed the line. What was a political disagreement will now threaten the integrity of the City.”

According to Campbell , Jackson and his leadership have put Cleveland in a fiscal crisis because of:

_“They rejected the North Point Garage lease extension, which will cause a $3.75 million gap.

_“They failed to act on the proposed sale of 100 plus acres of tree farm to Brecksville, causing the City to lose $4 million in revenue.

_“They provided no timeline to pass authorizing legislation for red light and speeding cameras, putting the budget at-risk for a loss of $2.5 million in revenue that the Council President included in the budget.

_“They reduced the amount of the fire department’s overtime by 27 percent when the City is contractually obligated to pay firefighters’ overtime. This action creates an unfunded obligation and a deficit of at least $1.2 million.”

Mayor Campbell was grateful for all her Latino support, especially from Reinaldo Galindo, meeting host.  Galindo is a member of the family that owns Luchita’s Mexican Restaurants.

The Mayor signaled that she was interested in new initiatives to help small Latino entrepreneurs and commence a program to attract more businesses and investments from international Latino businesses.


Alcalde Campbell se reúne con Latinos

Por Teodosio Feliciano, Reportero para La Prensa

Alcalde Jane L. Campbell se reunió con un grupo de hispanos en la casa de Reinaldo Galindo en Cleveland el miércoles 30 de marzo para discutir el estado de la ciudad y solicitar su apoyo en las próximas elecciones municipales. 

Ella les recordó las dificultades financieras que encontró cuatro años atrás al principio de tomar el mando de la ciudad.  Pero dijo que eso se ha arreglado aún que el presupuesto que pasó la asamblea municipal días antes iba a dificultar el mantenimiento de los servicios municipales durante este año fiscal.  La asamblea le rebajo el presupuesto en lo que muchos entienden es por conflictos políticos entre la alcalde y el presidente de la asamblea.  Él  ha anunciado que es candidato para la posición de alcalde en las elecciones de este año.

Alcalde Campbell agradeció lo mucho que los hispanos la han apoyado en el pasado entre ellos el señor Reinaldo Galindo, anfitrión de la reunión.  Galindo es miembro de la familia que es dueño los restaurantes Mexicanos Luchita’s.

La alcalde también señalo que estaba muy interesada en una nueve iniciativa para apoyar los pequeños negocios hispanos y empezar un programa para atraer a Cleveland más negocios e inversiones por empresas internacionales latinas.










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