10th Hispanic Leadership Conference at LCCC inspiring

By Rico de La Prensa

Where do we begin? Angie Martínez and her UAW Hispanic Council, Dina & Mike Ferrer and the entire committee that organizes the Hispanic Leadership Conference, Ford Motor Company, Lorain County Community College , the guest speakers, and the participants are to be congratulated for another excellent, weekend session.

Needless to say, Friday night’s movie, The Motorcycle Diaries, concerning a partial bio of Che, was tremendous. It was a good way to commence the event.

UAW Hispanic Council

On Saturday, April 16, Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., president of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, based in
Chicago , opened up this 10th annual event. Dr. Andrade summarized many of the important stats dealing with Latinos in the United States that illustrated Latino strength and importance, including:

“The 21st Century belongs to Latinos, who lead the nation in population growth;

“By the year 2040, Latinos will comprise 33% of the 1-billion population of the Americas, with the remaining percentages being 40% non-Latino Caucasian, 13% black, and 13% Asian;

“Latinos are creating business three times faster than non-Latinos in the United States, with 100,000 new businesses each year; and

“Latinos have annual purchasing power of $500 billion dollars, and this is growing by 1-billion dollars each week,” said Andrade.

María Elena Gaitán of Los Angeles utilized her extraordinary musical and oratorical skills to examine cross-cultural, race, gender, and class issues, as they affected Latinos in the United States .

Gaitán used graphic/dramatic slides, videos, and risqué language to stress the immense discrimination received by Latinos, especially Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the Southwest.

Alba Sánchez of the Bronx , was all wit and levity. She personified what young Latinos could accomplish, once focused.

Baldemar Velásquez, president of the Farm Labor Committee (FLOC), based in Toledo , was the final speaker. He emphasized the importance of action and the struggle to overcome the plight of Latinos and the discrimination they encounter, using the Mt. Olive Pickle Company Boycott as an example.

The festivities concluded at the Lorain Party Center with the music of Sammy De León and Mariachi Acero.

A special feature concerning this event will be published in La Prensa sometime in May and then posted at laprensatoledo.com.



Adelante_Inc._of_Toledo Richard_Romero_Baldemar_Velasquez_John_Hunter
Baldemar Velasquez, Mike Ferrer, 
Dr. Juan Andrade
Dr._Andrade_and_Mike_Ferrer_at_LCCC LCCCs_Dina_Ferrer
Mariachi_Acero Maria_Elena_Gaitan
Baldemar_Velasquez_honored Mike_Ferrer_with_Mariachi_Acero
Mike_Ferrer_and_Dr._Juan_Andrade_Jr Mike_and_Dina_Ferrer

Mr2._and_Mrs._Crespo Raul_Hinojosa_and_friends
Alba_Sanchez_comedian_from_the_Bronx Roberta_Rosa_of_Mija_Magazine
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