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Tejano group FAMA as they appeared in Toledo in 1993. Tejana sensation Shelly Lares as she appeared with Toledo singer Yvonne Ramos of La Famila, circa 1993.
David Lopez and friends enjoying evening at Tejano concert in Toledo , circa 1992. Andy Trejo and friend with Juan and Sulema Ramos and David and Melinda Sanchez at Las Palmas Nightclub in Toledo circa 1991.
Tony Avila with Tony Rios and Raquel Bravo fundraiser at Walbridge Park in Toledo , circa 1991. Betty Rios [right] with cousins at Walbridge Park , circa 1991.
Juve Aldaco and Super Grupo Aldaco of Lansing , Michigan , circa 1991. Linda Garcia [right] with Monica Puente Estrada [center] and friend at the Midwest Tejano Music Awards in Toledo , circa 1991.
Anita Lopez [right] and friend, circa 1992. Tejano sensation Fandango USA in front of La Prensa’s headquarters with fans, circa 1993.
Lydia Alejandro, Dolores Rodríguez, Robert Torres [right to left] at first Bravo Awards at the Radisson Hotel in Toledo , circa 1992. Toledo/Bowling Green artist Emanuel Enriquez at art show circa 1992.
Ramón Pérez [center] with fellow workers at civic cleanup activity in Toledo , circa 1992. Margarita DeLeon [right] with friends and family at function in Toledo circa 1992.

State representative John Garcia at pig roast in Toledo , circa 1992. Dolores Rodríguez and Arturo Quintero, circa 1991.

Judge Arlene Singer with supporter Sylvia Muñiz Mutchler, circa 1991. Toledo Tejana singe r Yvonne Ramos of La Familia, circa 1992.

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Maria Gonzalez of Azteca Travel Agency, circa 1991.  

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